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Is there a way to backup Opera completely?

  • I need to do a clean install of my Windows 10 and I would like to know if there is a way to back up the entire browser and all of my bookmarks and settings all in one package. I just want to be able to reinstall it after I'm done with the clean Win 10 installation as easy as possible and to get back online as fast as possible. Thanks.

  • @graywoulf Backing up the profile folder should do it. If you have saved passwords, you will need to export them because you won't be able to use the current ones in the new installation.

  • @leocg Thanks for your reply and information. I opened C:\Program Files\Opera but there is not a profile folder. I did a search within the Opera folder for "Profile" to check sub folders but still, no Profile folder. Could it be somewhere else?

  • @graywoulf In the FAQ you can see how to find the path for the profile directory.

  • @leocg Thank you. I found it and I am backing up the entire Opera Stable folder now. So, after my clean install of Windows 10 and after reinstalling Opera, do I just replace that same folder in the new version with the backed up folder to put everything back as it was?

  • @graywoulf Pretty much like that. You may need to set up some things again but, basically, you should have everything back.

  • If you do a clean install of Windows, your actual account will be different and content encrypted to your account (such as passwords and cookies) will not transfer. Passwords can be handled with Sync (as long as you're not one of those people who has problems with Sync). Bookmarks and settings should be fine.

  • A few notes:

    • If you run Opera on the new installation of Windows before copying your backed-up profile over, Opera will create a fresh profile. You will have to delete that fresh profile while Opera is closed first. Then, copy over your backed-up profile. Easy enough. But, if you want, you can instead copy over your backed-up profile first so that when you install Opera and it runs, it will automatically use your profile instead of a new one.

    For example, you back up "C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable" (and "C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Opera Software\Opera Stable" if you also want to back up your cache). Then, on the new install of Windows, you create "C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software" and paste your backed-up "Opera Stable" profile folder in it (and do the same for "C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Opera Software" and the "Opera Stable" cache folder if you want).

    • On the new installation of Windows, paste a copy of your backed-up profile folder. That way, if Opera messes something up and wipes out all your stuff, you still have the original backed-up copy to work with.

    • If you sync things with Opera Sync, check to make sure they're there. Don't just assume. But, also, don't rely on this as the only backup measure.

    • Even if you're using Opera Sync to sync your passwords and bookmarks, and opened tabs (and or just backing up the profile and copying it to the new installation of Windows), I'd export them for good measure.

      • For opened tabs, right-click on a tab and choose "Save all tabs as Speed Dial folder". Then, if you every have to, you can right-click the folder and choose "open all in tabs".

      • For bookmarks, goto the URL opera://bookmarks and use the drop-down at the bottom of the page to export them as an html file. Since Speed Dials on the start page are bookmarks, they will be backed up this way too (minus speed dial thumbnails). That way, you can always import bookmarks back if you need to.

      • For passwords, goto the URL opera://settings/passwords, click the kebab menu (3 vertical dots) to the right of "Saved Passwords" and choose to export your passwords to a csv file. That way, if you have to, you can always import them.

    • Extensions won't be carried over to the new Windows installation. If you copy over your profile, once Opera starts, it will detect that you're using a difference installation of Windows and wipe out your extensions and their data to protect you. So, in short, you'll have to reinstall your extensions with new extension data and settings. Check each extension you have though. Maybe some of them have options to export and import settings/data. An exception to this is if you're using a standalone installation of Opera and copy that over. Extensions should be retained in that situation. But, that's only in that specific case.

  • @burnout426. Wow, that is a lot to digest. If I am understanding what you are saying, I need to run Opera one last time before I wipe my drive, then shut Opera down and backup the entire Profile folder again. Am I close?

  • @leocg said in Is there a way to backup Opera completely?:> @graywoulf Pretty much like that. You may need to set up some things again but, basically, you should have everything back.

    Just a thought. The PC I am doing the clean install on is my laptop. I also have a Dell desktop that is running Opera and I am wondering if I use the profile folder from the laptop and replace the profile folder in the desktop PC, would that then make the desktop PC's Opera setup the same as the laptop? Like I said, just a thought. Thanks!

  • @graywoulf You should have the same preferences, bookmarks, history but not saved passwords, as said.

  • @graywoulf said in Is there a way to backup Opera completely?:

    @burnout426. Wow, that is a lot to digest. If I am understanding what you are saying, I need to run Opera one last time before I wipe my drive, then shut Opera down and backup the entire Profile folder again. Am I close?

    If you want to do those extra measures to back up things just in case, yes. If not, and you already copied the profile folder, you're good to go. Up to you.

  • @burnout426 I wanted to create a new topic, but I found this thread using search.

    I have broken something in my O58 installation (with autoupdate feature disabled) on one of my PCs. I wanted to install a 66 or 67 version as portable, I don't remember whether I forgot to select 'standalone installation' in the installer, or I selected wrong 'for all users' or for 'current user only', or something else went wrong.

    So the problem is now that when I install 58 version again (offline installer from ftp + backed up profile folder), browser doesn't remember such things like: logins, filters on web pages, language settings and similar info. After restarting the browser all the previously selected sites preferences are gone. Also I'm getting error about launcher.exe crash popup on start.
    Strange thing is that when I allow updating 58 to the latest 68 then all is fine, I see all my previous preferences selected for sites, I also logged in on all sites, and there's no crash error on start. If I upgrade until 58 version (it's downgrade actually, additional folder with _0, _1 is created in Program files), again launcher.exe crash error on start and no saved info on sites. After upgrading until 68 all is fine again, I can see all my selected data, filters, logins and preferences that were made days and months ago.
    I'd like to revert back to 58 version and keep all my data. Is there some storage else where cookies/sessions or similar are saved because copying pasting the profile folder doesn't help?

  • @andrew84 You really should start a new thread for this. This is similar but quite different in what you are asking about.

  • @andrew84 You can have Leo move your comment to a new thread for you if that'd be easier.