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  • Got some spam delivered to me today. I was a bit terrified because I have no extensions.
    It appeared in the top right corner of Opera.

    Does anyone know what could be the cause of this?

    It says something like "draw a heart on valentine's day" and "show some heat today", and it's not written well, which also makes me think it's a scam.

  • I got it too:

    It seems just like the Opera GX ad that was poping in the left corner (I forgave them for that one, but this...).

  • Around 2:50am central time 02-14-2020 a pop-up occurred in opera. It was titled "Draw a heart with a snapshot on Valentine's day" There was nowhere to shut it down outside of it's "No Thank's" button which I was not about to click. I could not see the process in windows task manager either. The pop-up could not be moved, there were no right clicks and there was no separate Opera box in the task-bar for it that it could be closed. I had to close Opera down and restart Opera to get rid of it.!

    Pop-up.jpg Pop-up 02.jpg

  • It took me a while to realize it was supposed to notify me of a change to a browser feature and not a paid ad (my brain automatically blocks anything that looks like an ad, sorry if I was too aggressive in my previous post, but this shouldn't be showing on top of things like that (maybe as a help/tutorial tooltip on first use (or in this case feauture change) would make it more integrated)).

  • @rlwieneke I had the same thing happen to me today! :S

  • I got exactly the same about 10 minutes ago. Clicking on the "X" in the popup crashed Opera. Is this malware or a stupid thing that Opera developers think we want ? We need to know ! I am using latest version of Opera for Windows 10.

  • I had similar. The occurence is mentioned in other recent postings including my own. The Opera moderators have not had the DECENCY of replying to the forum question. It is probably just something the Opera developers have done themselves , when they should instead be concentrating on producing a quality browser instead ! Shame on them.

  • @jetro It's just Opera promoting some feature.

  • @mike88 Moderators are just regular users, they don't necessarily know more than you.

    And they have no obligation in replying to you or anyone.

  • @rlwieneke It seems to be just a promotion of the snapshot feature.

  • @leocg Oh what 😂 😂

  • So it may be a promotion of the snapshot feature but there again perhaps it isn't. On the Internet we have to be careful with everything we do and click on etc. Popups that are malware are often disguised as genuine items. Perhaps Opera could consider warning customers of a forthcoming promotion or whatever .**** Perhaps this is too much for them and we should click on everything we see ! ****I have been an Opera user since the days when the user had to pay to use the browser. As for me I consider the moderators response flippant and I am now considering other browser options, built on Chromium that do not inflict this stuff on users. If Opera does it again I'm going for good. It will be interesting to see if the popup appears tomorrow on a machine I haven't used for a week.

  • I got it either, additionally Opera assistant was installed. Got rid of both, but I consider such agressive and badly presented feature promotion pure spam.

    If any of Opera devs reads this - plese stop such experiments, you may alienate long-time Opera users easily.

  • @donq Opera Assitant is installed when you install Opera from a third party software.

  • @leocg said in Spam advertisement/extension?:

    @donq Opera Assitant is installed when you install Opera from a third party software.

    You may think so, but I have seen that fscking assistant already on two computers, where Opera dev version is installed once (many years ago) from opera official site and only autoupdated afterwards. And I have not installed anything on those PCs lately either.
    Most likely you have read forums and noticed that many users have experianced exactly similar behavior.

    Well, this thread is about spam-like adverts form Opera; I'm sorry that I mentioned (IMO) related misbehavior; no more offtopic from me 🙂

  • @leocg said in Spam advertisement/extension?:


    leocg can you please cite and link the Official Opera source that it is a snapshot feature?

  • See the right sidebar on the Desktop team blog for the latest Developer build.

  • @rlwieneke I don't remember any at the moment.