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  • @leocg: @leocg: Will you finally do something about the fact that Linux from version 66 does not work Widevine?

    How many times should I report it to you to react?

    The "opera: // components" command spits out:

    "Widevine Content Decryption Module - Version:
    Status - Current "

    I am changing entries in the file: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera/resources/widevine_config.json to:

    "preload": "/opt/google/chrome/WidevineCdm/_platform_specific/linux_x64/"
    "preload": "/opt/google/chrome-beta/WidevineCdm/_platform_specific/linux_x64/"
    "preload": "/opt/google/chrome-unstable/WidevineCdm/_platform_specific/linux_x64/"
    ] "

    ... because your defaults are wrong and you haven't been doing anything about it for some time.

    I understand that the Linux version is a crutch for you, but for God's sake, have mercy and improve it so that I can watch Netflix again, HBO GO, listen to TIDAL Hi-Fi.

    Currently, in order for me to do this, I have to roll back the program version to 65, because it worked there. From version 66, through 67 and 68 does not work ... I have reported several times and you have nothing.

    Embarrassment. Today's level of programmers.

  • @ironbone: Only earlier it was enough to change paths in the configuration and at least it worked.

    Nothing helps now.

    You will need to switch to Chrome or Firefox since they can't do anything.

    It's a shame because I've been using Opera since version 9.50.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @macfly1987: I have been using opera for more then 20 years 😢
    All other browsers can use widevine: Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi - but no Opera.

  • This post is deleted!
  • This post is deleted!
  • It would oh so nice if in the Print module the pages field that now shows when Custom is chosen showed by default. That way if the user enters page numbers in there the current field above would automatically change to Custom. This second field set up showing for pages is in one version or another is common to browsers, and would make Opera's print module a bit easier to use.

  • PiP is broken. Just black screen.

  • great, this build crashed when i was sleeping (crashed without my intervention)
    and it loads some of the tabs before loading the extensions (yes, your integrated ad blocker is also an extension) (although it shouldn’t load random tabs at all)

    on youtube it still eat 84%-99% cpu and 100% gpu

  • o, and on internet problems:
    on link open - nothing is loading in tab, but gpu used on 100% all time

    PS: long time, opening tabs in background reminds the good old NSL
    (until you make them active_tab)

  • great, when open the pages - it uses 100% gpu, and eats off the gpu from other applications (there even the picture in them is freezing)

  • Давно не следил за обновлениями Оперы, и очень удивился что пропала возможность сохранить на локальной машине свои настройки (закладки, сессии,вкладки е.т.с. ) из меню. Только в облаке, через (жопу) синхронизацию говорили они. Хуй с ним, нашёл я облако. Но интернет в России есть не везде, и правка более ненужных закладок, паролей и прочего говна отнимает куда более значительную часть моего времени. Это фэйл, товарищи.

  • @oleg-is-com Use English here please.

  • Mine has been updated to 66.0.3515.95

  • @ironbone: Yes
    I'm tired of this opera widevine problems. I've been dealing with this nonsense for hours

  • @hwpc48 I have not seen a changelog so far ...

  • @treego: Pls conduct update check in Menu, then updating starts. I often cannot wait until a change log appears.

  • I have scroll issues especially on facebook
    on both windows 10 (x64) , ubuntu 1910 (x64)

  • No release notes for 66.0.3515.95?

  • new one 66.0.3515.103