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  • Hi, Got a bit of a problem with this, But only on one specific website, Sky bingo. If I go to make a deposit, The box is there to do so, But with the CVV box a plugin blocked alert appears in the address bar. I have allowed, Created exceptions, run plug in this time etc. But this CVV box won't appear I'm not even sure what it is blocking as the payment box does not have a specific url that I can add to the exception list. It is very annoying and sky themselves have said there is nothing wrong on their end. How do I fix this?

  • Goto the URL opera://flags/#chromium-ua-compatibility turn that on and restart Opera to see if that makes a difference.

    Do you have Opera's adblocker turned on? Any extensions installed?

  • @burnout426 Opera ad-b is off. I also have ublock and that is off aswell, Couple of video downloaders, https everywhere & cookie switch. I have basically turned them all off and tried everything. I will try what you suggested and report back.

    EDIT: No change, Still does the same thing. The strange thing is that it also does this same thing on firefox which is why I asked skybingo directly. But they insisted nothing is wrong.

  • @djdat The only plug-in still supported by most browsers nowadays is Flash. Or we are talking about some extension?

  • @leocg It's not an extension issue. I just downloaded chrome and the same thing is happening too. Spoke to sky yet again and now they are saying it might be my bank, As they have no control over card payments.

    It's just odd that it only affects that site though. But I'll call the bank and see what they say.

  • @djdat It seems that the site needs to be updated. Pages nowadays should not depend on plugins to work.