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Opera 65 comes with an improved tracker blocker and redesigned address bar

  • @leocg: I meant: a browser like all the others.

  • Does anyone else have the problem that the 1Password extension stopped working with this release?
    I manually downloaded the most recent version from, but Opera says the package is invalid.

  • Opera 65 definitely has better useability. Specially the new bookmarks view. Also The font system has changed and now uses Windows font settings! Good for older versions of Windows 10! So far its actually nice. Well done.

  • Can we disable that floating bookmarks panel in order to open bookmarks site directly from the sidebar?!

  • @herrpietrus You can disable the flag and restart Opera opera://flags/#bookmarks-panel

  • @temkem: Good to know, but we need a switch in Opera Settings, because flags like to vanish...

  • Import of passwords doesn't work (tried to import from Chrome and Firefox). Bookmarks and history work. Import of passwords worked in previous 64 version.

  • And why I say so? Because there was no Bookmarks panel for so many years, that I've used to use Chrome Extensions (Neater Bookmarks or, currently, Minimal Bookmarks Tree) which I consider a lot better (size and shortcuts settings) and to treat side panel buton as a shortcut to the "big" b\Bookmarks Manager. Actually that become a really convenient and to be honest i don't want to lose that because after five or six years since Opera Blink release their authors finally decided that bookmarks on the side are good idea.

    And yes, I don't like the history panel too.

    BTW why all these graphic elements are so huge, so heavy? Even though almost everything is plain white it's also so big, with so much free spaces, so much weight... Huge overwhelming tabs/title bar, huge heavy floating panels, huge quick settings panel with huge colour switches and a lot of empty spaces... It's 2019 and I see that UI is still designed for the only one right resolution and one specific DPI. What about people who are using different combinations than FHD + 100 DPI or 4k + 150/200 DPI? UI in these cases really doesn't look good. It becomes wore and worse with every single update.

  • Starting Opera with --enable-low-end-device-mode parameter causes GPU process to spin 80% busy. Web sites do not display.

  • Bookmarks Heart icon does not open a Bookmarks Panel here. It simply opens up the Bookmarks Manager Tab like it always has before this version.

    Windows 7, 32-bit

  • @temkem Thank you! I had to do the same for History Panel. Actually, Bookmarks Panel worked as advertised upon a restart of Opera without having to adjust that flag.

    A little flaky, I guess ... 🙂

  • Strange thing. After upgrading from 64 Opera to 65 versions during the first run, the extension called F.B (FluffBusting) Purity was removed by itself. If I did not have a backup of the opera profile folder, my extension settings would be lost

  • @temkem: I confirm that I have the same problem; a heavy load on the CPU when playing a video, after the mouse is moved to the tab the load decreases, Opera developers fix this problem as soon as possible


  • A heavy load on the CPU when playing a video, after the mouse is moved to the tab the load decreases, Opera developers please fix this problem as soon as possible.
    In Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Yandex Browser everything works fine

  • @firuz-u7 This seems to be related to the tab-audio-indicator animation.

  • @herrpietrus: they are huge probably because you have set page zoom in Settings more than 100% (these panels are affected by this option like web pages). I have 125% page zoom in Setting on 1920x1080 22'' display and these panels look too big also (but there's no opportunity to reduce the size by Ctrl+mouse wheel like on web pages)

  • @johnd78: Seems so because after tab muting the cpu usage also reduces. And it seems that in Developer is the same story.

  • Offline installer link (x64) not updated. When I click, start downloading v64.

  • Yesterday bookmakrs open in sidebar panel (after restart Opera) and history to open in sidebar panel. Today bookmarks still open in sidebar panel but history from sidebar panel opened in new tab. Why?