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  • Hello, really great extension, it works for me and i installed many chrome extension (vpn,adblocker,lastpass,and some social media) and they all work, but for some reason, i get ads that i can skip right away to different extensions on youtube, despite having a ADP and the adblocker from opera, and i think that this extention causes it, i checked the sites that it is allowed to manipulate in extension settings, and youtube isnt one of them. So my question is, anyone else seeing skipable-right away ads to different extentions at the begining of youtube videos? Thanks!

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  • @ThR3x Yes and no, YT shows next videos and over-imposed video proposals at end (I hate Youtube for that reason and many others more).... But, not third part advertising in my experience until now.
    But, I rarely see YT videos.

    Anyway, your Chrome arsenal is some low, beside Opera Blocker and ABP, I have also Privacy Badger and Ghostery, and they always find some other things after the first two has passed.
    Often I see also talks over Ublock, someday will possibly test it as substitute, as ABP has some limitations.

    Having those problems of Adv, you should probably also do a careful scan of your computer for virus and for yunk-ware, adware, toolbars and so on.

    A very fast AV scanner online is F-Prot, Those online AV does not need to be installed fully, so then could live side-by-side with your current AV. Currently there are E-set and TrendMicro also (Housecall), but these two are obnoxiously slow.
    MBAM, used free, could do a serious malware and spyware scan.

    To check for Junk-ware there are a bunch of tools to download, but some are serious, while others are only to advertise you other junk-ware, You should read carefully people's rating, before to head for one of them.

    And uh, I was forgotting Spybot. 😉

  • @xpolramitak: You need to wait a few seconds for the extension to show up in the extensions manager.

  • This is great since almost every add-on I use is from the Chrome Web Store and I don't want to switch to Chrome just to use them. Also there's more extensions on the Chrome Web Store than any other store.
    Also, I saw that a lot of you were commenting about the fact that the install button doesn't show up in the extensions manager. You just have to wait a few seconds for the button to show up.

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  • Please put Chromecast back!!!!

  • Great

  • I cant install any of chrome extensions!! everytime I try, opera catches a CRX file to download and nothing appeared in extensions page.

  • Failed to install every Chrome extensions because CRX download interrupted, does anyone successfully install any chrome extensions after June 2020? I mean it got 4 star rating but

  • @tinzi: Just installed Liner, everything Ok.

  • Excelente, instale sin problemas extensión de Chrome!
    Excellent, smoothly install Chrome extension!

  • Sure it's good and all but i can't use some of the google chrome addons eaven tho it says it suports that addon. (For exampel the 'stylish' addon)

  • Hello everyone. I also had same problem while installing chrome extensions in Opera.

    But now I can.

    I simply went to the extensions of Opera, Uninstalled "Install Chrome Extensions" and then reinstalled it from here.

    Then you can visit chrome extensions and install whatever you want.

    Thank me later.

  • how do i download this extension. I see download buttons, but they seem to download which is apparently opera browser installer. Same with wallpapers.

  • Apparently the servers think you aren't using Opera, and therefore would have to install Opera first before you could install an extension. Anything on your end that might be blocking Opera's useragent to the servers?

  • @liquidmetal Wallpapers arent supported but did you try pressing a zip file?

  • @sgunhouse I don't know. started using opera very recently maybe 4 weeks that I installed it. till now was on safari. Do you think I should uninstall Opera and reinstall--so all my settings, other extensions go for a toss?

  • @liquidmetal Make an opera account to store all your bookmarks and setting then uninstall opera and reinstall

  • @HamzaMohamed244 Didn't see any links for downloading anything--zip or otherwise