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White screen 'flashbang' when opening pages

  • @gchavez i have completely given up on this problems and devs in general. If it's really a chromium issue, how is it that other browsers don't have this problem?
    I switched to edge months ago, and let me tell you it's far better. No annoying major bugs, instant response to complaints. This issue has been open for so long, no response from devs yet and no fixes. What else is there to do?

  • @jenabaivab all browsers (on chromium) have this. But each browser can have different workarounds for that.

  • @andrew84 I have tested Chrome, Edge, and Vivaldi. Even if chromium has this problem, every single chromium browser has managed to fix it for their respective audience, except Opera. Now I hear they don't even read the forums. No wonder nothing gets fixed.

  • I have the very same problem, Opera 77.0.4054.146 on Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.1. Dark Reader extension.
    In my case, the problem is easy to reproduce: just type about:blank and Bam, white flash. The same thing happens with about:gpu, but that's another story.
    Please notice that about:blank is pretty common in web browsing, some websites trigger them in anchors with target:"_blank" or with pure javascript ( The second method seems not to be affected with the bug.
    I can reproduce the issue with a simple html file containing something like:

    <a href="" target="_blank">Open site in another tab (target attr)</a><br>

    Hope this helps anyone!

  • I just filled a bug report with this info, hopefully it will be helpful to opera devs... I will share any update on the subject. Hope it's fixed soon!

  • "Your request status has changed to Done with resolution Known Error."
    Truly unbelievable.

  • @mppfiles Truly expected at this point. No wonder so many people jumped ship to Vivaldi.

  • @mppfiles That's expected and correct behavior for Duplicated reports.

  • I recommend you guys another browser.

  • @st4zik said in White screen 'flashbang' when opening pages:

    I recommend you guys another browser.

    Take a look at Vivaldi. It doesn't have white flash screens.

  • @st4zik I propose the flashbang feature be expanded so each occurrence is random sequence of 0-3 flashbangs with random millisecond durations. This will better satisfy the uptight policy-driven 9-5 devs' conforming around cubicles and whiteboards saturated in bright white overhead light by properly punishing anyone using a pc in a darkened room. Subversive witchcraft must not be tolerated. Moreover, why squander such a perfect opportunity? While I am blind conscious only of white noise send over some agents to knock me aside and deprive me of ill-deserved privacy and ill-begotten property.