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History Page is broken: Old history not displayed

  • When you open the History page it displays only ~100 records. It's OK.
    You can scroll down the page and new entries will be loaded to the page. But. It happens only up to 2 times!
    And the buttons "Yesterday" and "Older" don't works (they just scroll the page to the bottom).

    The problem:
    Opera can display only the ~100-300 last history records, no more.

    When you use the search auto-loading of new part of (new 100) entries (when you scroll down the page) sometime works, sometime does not (in most cases it does not work)!

    There is no such problem in Opera 58, and in the default Chromium History page too.

  • Well, today it works normally (Opera version is the same (62.0.3331.18)).

    I have tested it several time yesterday before posting, so, the bug probably will appear next time.

  • Oh, wait. Now, in my case the list was expanded 5 times, not 2-3 like it was yesterday. So, the bug (limited count of showing entries because the older ones are not loading) is actual.

  • @anonan Those are different entries, from different sites? Entries from the same site (or page?) seems to be grouped together.

  • There is no difference.
    Say in other words: the auto-loading of a new part of the content (the new 100 history entries (what can be grouped or not)) does not work correctly.

    The history page should allow me to see all records (by loading new parts while I scroll down the page), but now it is limited.
    I have ~50k history records (You can see it in History file, urls table), but Opera shows only ~100-800 (It depends on luck).

  • @anonan I concur! Same mess here. Amazingly enough there seems to have been no official bug report until now! But meanwhile a colleague of mine has reported the bug under the number
    ID: DNAWIZ-66617
    So, lets hope this will be fixed ASAP!

  • Why should it amaze you when there's no official support site for Opera with paid staff?
    I'm still on the last 58 version because of the botched functionality and UI layout of history and download tabs. I know everything is possible but I don't think it's very probable they'll revert those unwanted changes.

  • I also have a story in a few days only. Old records are not visible. I'm thinking of leaving the opera. Constantly breaking something.

  • This post is deleted!
  • I confirm this problem with 62.0.3331.72.
    There are also problems on Downloads page - no way to remove downloads records, no way to open downloaded item or corresponding folder from there!

  • @lambdat75 Problem with downloads page should be discussed in another topic.

  • My history tab (ctrl + H) only shows limited records of history.
    But when I use the search history bar, very old histories pop up.
    Is that common to everyone?
    Here is the story:
    Today is July 21. The oldest history records (keep press "end" key) that can be fetched is July 16. It depends on my browsing volume also. The more I browsed, the shorter the timeframe will be. So I guess it has a max record output. But if I use the search history bar to search my history, some records in April come up.
    I like the interface and speed of Opera, but there are always small inconveniences keep it out of my default browser.
    Anyone can help?

  • @MarcusMa

    I think there was a similar report here the other day.

  • Merging with similar topics.

  • Hi, I have the same problem. It is very irritating when I have to make report from what I was doing in work for last week - browser history helps me if I did not write down on the spot what, when and for how long I was doing... 😕

  • @incomingbrowserchange
    Ever heard of the rule: "If it aint broke - don't fix it"? But then - what does it mean
    " I don't think it's very probable they'll revert those unwanted changes"?
    This is absolutely and without a doubt a severe bug! I am not complaining about a new layout here. I a complaining about the loss of a basic feature every browser offers, that is to access history back as long and far as the user chooses.
    It cannot possibly be a desired new "feature" to limit such access to about yesterday! (seemingly also dependent on the number of records).
    And if they really should ignore that, then opera itself is history - at least for me.
    To make things even more annoying a new "bad habit" seems to spread on the version-history-download-page. Instead of fixing things there now appear download-folders with phantasy-version-numbers that come up empty upon inspection so that the interval of "new", so called "stable releases" with the same old bugs has now been increased to about 2 weeks.😒

  • Today, I went to revisit a website and what appears to be a new format, is showing only today's visited sites. Yesterday's and older are empty.

    There has been no crash, which seems well documented.

    What's going on?


  • Opera history will only reveal around 1 day of history at a time.

    If I visit a new page, the bottommost link will be removed. Since Opera's limit on history is not time period, but an arbitrary total number of links, this would make one think that my total history is, for example 18 links (WTF).

    However, if I hold the page down key for a long time (2 minutes straight), it will eventually reveal one more day. One day at a time. Wow.

    How do I see my actual history?

  • Merging several topics

  • This post is deleted!