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  • Seriously??


    In the previous version, the side bar was could be hidden while browsing and can be accessed via the speed dial if unpinned - now you have a choice of no side bar or side bar always, even while browsing.

    Also, what is up with the extensions side bar? Why not combine it into one side bar? Look at how off center the browsing window is. At least give the option to choose which side I want the side bars to be on.

    Extensions - I cannot adjust how many extensions I want to be visible and the rest hidden in the drop down menu. I understand I can remove from the toolbar, but I still would like to access the extension when I need to - hence, from the drop down menu, out of sight is good.
    Example - [a|b|c] >> [u|v|w|x|y|z] instead of [a|b|c|u|v|w|x|y] >> [z]. I use extensions a, b and c often, so they are always visible, but u, v, w, x, y and z are used rarely but useful when needed - hence hidden away from view but still accessible when needed.

    While I'm on the topic of the wasted space on the toolbar, good job on removing the share button, that is nice. Now it's replaced with different button that cannot be removed? I'm talking about the Easy Setup button. It is nice to quickly set up the browser when I start fresh, but after that I hardly, if at all, use it ever again. It just becomes another waste of space in the tool bar. If I want to quickly adjust something, I'll just open up settings, do it, close it and be on my way.
    I am not going to be changing the theme, appearance and features of the browser every bloody day. I understand that some privacy focused people would love the ability to have downloads and browsing data on hand too - don't get me wrong, but I just find that it's terribly executed. (Also you'd have to scroll down just to access this. Why is customisation at the top and privacy at the bottom?)
    Here is a suggestion that hopefully other users would also appreciate - move the easy set up into the side bar, and maybe even let it pop out like the social media and Flow does for easy access to settings. And maybe combine the extensions side bar into the browser's side bar.

    If you read this far, thank you for reading my rant. I will still use Opera as my main browser, and hope that better design is implemented in future versions.

  • Obviously you can turn off one or both sidebars, so your photo is somewhat of an exaggeration.

  • @sgunhouse yeah but some people wants both of them
    and it's would be nice if hidden extensions appears in opera menu (like chrome) or in sidebars (really gonna be awesome if we have just one sidebar)
    and I just have an idea to change extensions icon (in sidebar) functionality to open an small grid menu where we can find hidden extensions

  • Cannot agree more.

    I personally would also like to have option to hide "Start page" and "Snapshot" icons/buttons (and maybe even make validated certificate issuer name shorter, tooltip could be used) - I'd rather see full url than some never used buttons.

    And no, I don't want to buy wider monitor 🙂

  • @sgunhouse I feel that @ant8672 brings up quite a few valid points. With how customizable the browser already is these would all be features I'd be definitely looking forward to seeing.

    Sure, this is a bit of a late reply but again, these would all be extremely useful tools and would give Opera GX quite an upgrade in customizability as well as popularity. Especially that Easy Setup bar, there is definitely no use in having it after you have already set up the browser since you have a sidebar and loads of keyboard shortcuts and an entire settings page that does what Easy Setup already does.