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  • I would have to guess he's implying I told him something he already knew and thinks is obvious (though he'd be surprised how many users miss "obvious" stuff like that).

  • @jimatopera-0 said in Jumps To Top Of Page:

    Is there a setting or something I should be doing to see that it doesn't happen?

    In Opera, if you goto the URL opera://settings/userInterface, you can disable "Scroll to the top of the page by clicking the active tab". However, it doesn't sound like that's what's happening in your case.

    I'd goto opera://settings/siteData, search for "" and remove all shown.

    I'd then goto opera://settings/clearBrowserData, click "advanced", set "time range" to "all time", uncheck everything but "cache and images and files" and choose clear data. Or, alternatively, on, hit ctrl + shift + i, goto "Application", "Clear Storage" and then clear site data with everything checked.

    I'd also disable your extensions to see if one of them are causing it.

    If you're using Opera's VPN, try without it just to see if it makes a difference.

    If all fails, it might just be a glitch bug in Facebook that happens sometimes. The exact issue you're describing has happened for Facebook in the past for some users, but it's been a while (years).

  • I know about the "click tab to go to top".

    But I have also been having random screen moves. I thought it was something I was doing (like an accidental tab click), or a website that didn't finish loading entirely and then scrolled to the top when it did finish.

    But I am starting to think it is just another WTF since I updated to 60.

  • burnout426: This is what I expected from a forum dedicated to helping others with Opera.

    I did (thanks to burnout426) clear browsing data for all time and deleted Facebook Site Data but it didn't help.

    I tried to post a comment in Facebook and right to the top I go. Only Facebook and only once per session. No other site has this behavior.

    Probably a compatibility issue with Facebook and Opera.

    Again, Thanks burnout426.

  • Once per session, huh? Only when you click on Comment links, or does it matter what you click on? Any extensions installed specifically related to FB?

  • @sgunhouse No Facebook extensions. Jumps to top is when I select Like but not Comment or Share.
    This behavior only presents itself using Facebook.

  • Sounds like it may be related to the ad blocker then. On sites other than Facebook itself, Facebook's "Like" buttons can be used to track you (even if you don't click on them), so the ad blocker may interfere with them. But on Facebook itself that's somewhat redundant. You signed in, so they already know what you're looking at. There may be a better solution (as I don't use Facebook I can't check) but just for testing I'd try to disable the ad blocker on Facebook (that is, once you are on the page click on the shield in the address bar, disable the ad blocker for that site, and reload the page) and see what happens. If it doesn't help, you can put it back later.

  • @sgunhouse There is no shield similar to the shield in the Opera URL.

  • @jimatopera-0 What version of Opera?

  • @leocg 6.0. Up to date.

  • @jimatopera-0 You mean 60?

  • @sgunhouse said in Jumps To Top Of Page:

    Sounds like it may be related to the ad blocker then

    Facebook uses <a href="#"... for the like links along with some JS to handle the clicking. If something was blocking the JS click handling for the links so that the href attribute was actually being used, I could definitely see the "#" resolving to the page's address plus an empty fragment identifier and jumping to the top of the page like in this example:


    <style>#top {height: 2000px}</style>
    <p id="top">Scroll down the page and click "Like".</p>
    <a href="#">Like</a>