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Opera for Android 52

  • @daxorp

    Thanks for your input and nice feedback about Opera version 51. Opera 51 was a version that we've spend fixing bugs and improved usability issues, so we are happy to hear that you mention "close to perfection"

    However, we always want to improve our product to support the latest standard, security and technology. Design trend also changes over time, so we've decided to give our browser a minor design refresh in this version.

    User input always makes our product better, so please feel free to comment about our products.

  • @miyukiwork

    It's good to hear that You always want to improve Opera.
    However, do not make the mistake of thinking that, just because something looks trendy and nice it is automatically more usable, than the less trendy version was.
    Especially, You must not sacrifice any usability for the sake of nice looks or trendy design.
    An app is not a piece of art, that I just want to look at and enjoy how nice it looks.
    Primarily I want to use an app.
    I only care about trends as long as they do not have a bad influence on usability.

  • An other bug after re-install Opera :

    No more search engines, only Google. I really don't understand what's happening !

  • Had to go back to Opera 51 because I have issues with find in page, and I honestly would still prefer the tab gallery UI before v52.

  • @polo-naref

    Did you clean install Opera 52 or was it an update from older versions? If it was a new install, you probably had a bad network connection during start up.

  • @Code027

    Can you tell us what exactly about the issues with find in page? Is it about scroll animation?

  • @miyukiwork Normally there would be an indicator (ex. 1/33) with how many repetition of words are found in the page, but it doesn't show up and thus can't navigate through them. The found words however are still highlighted.

  • @Code027

    Just checked and it works fine on our test phones. Does it happen in any page? If you don't mind sharing your device information (phone model and android version), that'd help us reproduce the problem.

  • @miyukiwork

    I did both : update from older version and fresh new install, and my internet connection is very good.
    Something is going wrong with my it, obviously. And vpn is still a hidden feature to me.

  • @polo-naref

    If you don't mind sharing your device info (phone model and android version), we can investigate some more.

  • New red button "Add new tab" is associated with function like "close tab/all tabs" or other buttons with "Ð¥" mark because it's big and red.

  • Sure. I have a LG SPIRIT H440 with rooted stock android 6.0.
    I have updated Opera from an older version I've had saved and search engines are back again. But no luck with vpn.

  • @miyukiwork The Google Chrome browser has a hidden game that can be easily launched when you do not have Internet access. Why would Opera be worse? Maybe it is worth adding such attraction to the browser and increasing its attractiveness.

  • @Monycat

    Thanks for your input! If we are getting more user input about the same problem, we'll review the design (color) to make it less confusing.

  • @miyukiwork 本地语言 默认是其它文字 手动换成中文时 错误404 或者直接没有中文选项

  • @penggang-1 Use english on this forum.

  • @penggang-1

    I think I understand your comment with a help of translation system. (Why error pages are not translated into Chinese)

    The page is from Chromium and we do not have a direct control. You could report a change request in

  • @miyukiwork
    无法访问此网站 的响应时间过长。

    运行 Windows 网络诊断

    在防火墙或防病毒设置中允许 Opera 访问网络。

    检查您的代理设置或联系您的网络管理员,确保代理服务器工作正常。如果您觉得不应该使用代理服务器:转到主菜单 > 设置 > 更改代理服务器设置… > LAN 设置,然后取消选择“为 LAN 使用代理服务器”。

  • @penggang-1
    我这是 电脑 版浏览器啊 怎么会显示安卓的

  • @penggang-1

    Please write in English, so I can follow up better and other people in this thread can also help you as well.

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