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Backward and forward buttons on Logitech Mouse not working with Opera

  • @dubhead I've just noticed you're using a Logitech MX Master whereas I'm using a 2S. I tried out my old MX Master and it does indeed work however the 2S doesn't

  • @dubhead @albertchong I am also using a MX Master but the keystroke workaround does not work.

  • @remilino Sorry to hear that 😞 I really hope this gets fixed quickly

  • I am using the MX Master (P/N 810-005438) with Logitech Options 7.12.82 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, Opera is version 60.0.3255.109

    I can confirm, this is working and indeed a valid workaround.

    Keep in mind: To allow all other programs to work correctly, for example an IDE, create a config for Opera only (top right where it says "all applications"):


    Then assign the buttons:


    Sorry for the german screenshots.

  • @m4ssacre Programming application specific worked for me...Vielen Danke. As for the German pictures, das macht nichts. πŸ™‚

  • @albertchong try defining it for opera [upper right corner] i see you have this for all aplications, maybe this is the reason.

    i see @m4ssacre Was first with this idea πŸ˜‰

  • @dubhead I already did...see my reply to m4ssacre πŸ™‚

  • Danke @m4ssacre funzt tatsΓ€chlich πŸ™‚
    Can also confirm the workaround works when config for opera is created!

  • At last! Thanks for helping me to fix this very annoying issue, @dubhead, @m4ssacre, and @albertchong! For anyone just encountering this thread who doesn't speak German, here is a complete explanation of the workaround in English with screenshots.

    First, open System Preferences --> Security and Privacy, and make sure that Logitech Options is allowed to modify accessibility settings: 1 - security and privacy.png

    Second, open Logitech Options, and click on the upper right hand corner to add Opera as an application with its own special settings:
    2 - application selection.png

    Third, with Opera selected, click on the mouse back button to set the button up:
    3 - back button.png

    Fourth, select "Keystroke Assignment" from the left-hand list, click in the right hand window to add the custom keystroke, and then press command (apple key, windows key) and the left arrow:
    4 - back button assignment.png

    Fifth, click on the mouse forward button to set the button up:
    5 - forward button.png

    Sixth (and finally), repeat step four for the forward button, using the command key and the right arrow:
    6 - forward button assignment.png

    I have to say that having my mouse settings move up into the software layer is irritating, but F*** - software is eating the world, right?

  • @dubhead It was Teamwork at least πŸ˜‰

  • Yet another person confirming this annoying bug. Mouse buttons for forward/back no longer work. Opera folks, please fix! Off to Chrome for the time being...

  • @botisdale We solved the problem,. Just read above 😏

  • @dubhead Though the forum topic refers to Logitech mice, it's not limited to just those (mine, for example, isn't Logitech) - consequently, the 'solution' doesn't apply to me. And while I appreciate the proposed solution, I'd really rather they just fix the problem. Worked fine before, no reason it shouldn't again.

  • Keystroke mapping workaround no longer works. I'm on Opera 60.0.3255.170, macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and using Logitech MX Vertical. This bug really needs to be fixed by Opera devs.

  • @tcar984 said in Backward and forward buttons on Logitech Mouse not working with Opera:

    Keystroke mapping workaround no longer works. I'm on Opera 60.0.3255.170, macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and using Logitech MX Vertical. This bug really needs to be fixed by Opera devs.

    Can't confirm on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 - it's still working. But YouTube does something strange: At Channel landing page, Command+Left /+Right are used to switch the focus of the tabs "Overview" - "Videos" - "Playlists" etc. So if the Webpage is listening to the keystrokes, they don't work in the browser window (except you pull focus off of it).

  • I got the same problem since the first stable version of Opera 58. The three finger swipe left/right gesture on my MacBook Pro is also still not working...

    I reported this bug months ago, got a mail that it will be fixed in a beta version, but this bug is still there.
    If an Opera dev is reading here: Are there any news about a bug fix? Thanks in advance!!!

  • Totally Worst Support ever Opera uninstalled πŸ™‚

  • And you chose to make that as your first post, and to a year-old thread?

    And for the record, the buttons on my Logitech trackball work perfectly in all versions of Opera without any special settings.

  • @eprog625 Let's try to keep this positive. I agree that Opera haven't formally replied, and that is frustrating, however there is a good workaround.

  • @sgunhouse I have to disagree on that. With the Workaround of the Logitech Software setting, the backbutton on the mouse is now working, BUT the "focus bug" of the Opera Window still remains since half a year now. For example I am using the app "Magnet" to quicklyput windows on predefined corners of the screen, but with opera this only works if i have a single Opera Window opened. As soon I open a second Opera window, it doesn't work anymore and i have to close the browser. If i want to have to windows side by side I now have to use firefox on macos. The back and forward buttons and the app "Magnet" as well as other apps that help managing windows definitly worked with Opera 59 and lower (without any workarounds).

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