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Bookmarks, CPU, Beta? So much pain!

  • I'm trying to give Opera a fair shake on the Mac, having used the PC version since around 1998 and the Mini (and descendants) since the Motorola RAZR phone. It's hard. I'm running a 2013 MacBook Air 13"

    Opera 12 seems to be the latest official version. It can't load a lot of pages, even masked, such as anything on And pegs my CPU frequently. And I'm not able to debug those CPU problems because there doesn't seem to be a processor/task viewer. (If there is, it isn't well documented.)

    Opera doesn't reply to problem reports.

    I tried Opera Next also. Complete non-starter, because after 20 minutes I still hadn't figured out how to import bookmarks from anything else. It doesn't even HAVE a bookmark menu. [View] - [Bookmark Importer] is disabled, and there's no [Bookmarks] menu like in 12. Seriously, why wouldn't that be an obvious feature?

    Should I be using Opera Next - and if so, how do I enable bookmarks? Should I stick to 12, and if so, how do I view - and fix - the CPU usage problem?


  • I'm afraid you won't get any answers here. Read my questions and discussion here:

    As you can see - "everything is all right", and if yoy don't think so, dicussion is closed 🙂

    I can repeat: bookmarks system in Opera Next is just a joke. I had about 500 bookmarks on my Opera 12. Some of them were of "everyday use" - so I had kept them on personal bar od speed dial screen. The rest was used form time to time - so they were stored in menu "Bookmarks".

    No one culd explain me, how to use new version - just the bar and speed dial - with 500 bookmarks... Yes, you can use ad-ons. Why not.

    But wait - why yes? 😉

    I'm changig to Safari. After so many years...

  • Jan's was the only response? Opera really is dead.

  • Jan's was the only response? Opera really is dead.
    I saw your topic. Do you know why I didn't answer? Because your questions were answered dozens of times in the forum already and I don't have time to write everything / copy / search for you. Search to find the answers, it's easy.

    And that's the same reason why @janhalb's thread has been closed, because he didn't search before posting. Not because the mods don't allow criticism, we allow it as you can find criticism easily also by searching which seems you're still unable to do for some reason!

    Sorry if I sound rude.

  • Giving some context: this thread has been closed by another moderator since my last comment and you created two topics criticizing mods and attempting to justify why your thread shouldn't have been closed.

    First, I noticed now that there's misinformation in your topic. Opera 12 isn't the latest official version. At the time you created this thread it was Opera 21 Stable and since today it's Opera 22 Stable. "Opera Next" is the beta version for the next version after stable.

    Opera Presto never had a task manager (it's not multiprocess), the new Opera based on Chromium does and a web search for "task manager in opera" would show you how to enable it...
    When you say Opera doesn't reply to your problem reports I can only assume you're talking about the bug tracking system since you have no past topics in your forum user profile. The bug tracking system is closed and they only contact you if they need additional info, and shouldn't be used for support as the message in the bug report wizard page inform. The second problem with that expectation is that Opera 12 isn't supported anymore (ATM only security fixes are being patched if discovered to give some time for the development of the new version / users becoming comfortable with it before they drop it completely).

    Like I said in the other topic you created, searches would give you answers. I'm sorry about the integrated forum search, but even then it shouldn't be hard to find info on importing bookmarks.

    Search for "import bookmarks" in a search engine, or "enable bookmarks". You get lots of answers.

    2nd result of Google search "bookmarks menu":

    In one of the new threads you created you say:

    I have determined that Opera Next really did remove the functionality, that the pointers in threads in how to re-enable parts of it really don't work
    Which functionality and what procedures did you follow? What goes wrong?

  • When I select [Opera] - [Check for Updates], it tells me "You are using the latest version of Opera." At 12.16. Going the main Opera page doesn't actually specify which version is there. It just offers a download. (Downloading does give a different version - the filename indicates it's Opera 22.) Even choosing "Computer" and going to the desktop page still doesn't specify the version number.

    I've now updated (despite the program and web page seemingly saying there was no need), and now get:
    Version: 22.0.1471.50 - An error occurred while checking for updates
    Yep, different version. The error is a nice touch.

    So I had no clear way to know my Opera was out-of-date; it was telling me it was current, and no version numbers are on the first several pages.

    I appreciate you clearing up that 12 didn't have a process manager. I'm not crazy about the bookmark process in 22, but at least it's running.

    For future reference, had you merely corrected the first sentence of my second paragraph originally, it would have engendered a lot less ill will. Re-read my three paragraphs here and you'll see that Opera 12 still was providing only data that it was current.

  • Opera 12 does that. Opera since 15 uses a different rendering engine, and they decided not to force anyone to upgrade from 12 to the new version. But if you visit the Opera website, you will have a hard time finding a link to download 12.16 ...