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The forum search function is currently poor

  • The integrated search field in the forums gives very poor results. It matches too many topics unrelated to your search, making it hard to find anything useful. Even pointing users to "search before posting" is not fair to them.

    Examples, try searching "cloud icon", "import bookmarks from chrome", "move opera cache", or.. "search before posting" :).

    Compare it to a web search, e.g. " move opera cache", "cloud icon", etc, it's spot on!

    It could have prevented half a dozen duplicate threads. It needs a fix or "outsourcing"...

  • I AGREE FULLY WITH THE COMMENT ABOVE ~ disorganised and muddled!!

  • I agree also. It is poor. It used to be much better. It's hard to complain that someone didn't do a forum search, to chide people for asking a question already asked and answered in the forum. Maybe it was asked and answered, but God knows where.

  • I agree. Let's have a option to search in thread name and describe

  • It's actually useless as is! It needs an Advanced Search - I really don't need to explain that do I? To get any meaninful answer you have to be able to search only one forum, in topic, message, or entire post. And complex Boolean AND and OR.

  • ... or at least support using quotes to match whole phrases and so on. If quotes are not present, sort based on word proximity (when multiple words are matched) and date (most recent first).

  • But why is the search function a "joke"? (and that's being kind). It's as if, if you search for apples, you get a response about the tse tse flying causing Malaria, and other matters, as far fetched. The results of a precise search could be out of a Marx Brothers movie. I did a search on: "forum search function" (since this thread has the words, "forum search function" in its title, that is, "The forum search function is currently poor." That search did not seem to find this thread (unless maybe on the twentieth page of links :). I didn't bother looking that far, so who knows. And here's what I got for the first bunch of 19 hits:

    1. Flash Player-'Movie not loaded'... [now what the hell does that have to do with the search function, and I could say the same about the rest]
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    And this is why it's ludicrous to ask someone to search the forum before asking a question. What can new users of Opera think when they come here, and try to search the forum? They might think the new browser isn't worth it, before they spend a day with it. It's no wonder that people in the forum get angry about anything and everything when they get results on searches that are so bizarre, and it's easy to generalize to Opera on other matters because presumably they entered into some contract to set it up? I'm guessing there, but I would think they must have played some role in our having it in the forum.

  • Search in forum does not work well as lem792 said, you search something however the result is confusing

  • @Rafael: It's almost a month without any acknowledgement.
    Do you think we should write a mail?

  • Hi there! We're currently using the out-of-the-box standard search provided by Vanilla Forums. We agree it's not optimal, and we hope to find the time to improve it. -Andreas, forum developer.

  • Hey, for a quick fix just outsource it... Make it perform a search for "" in any search engine like Bing or Google.

  • And the NSA will be tracking us, right?

  • And the NSA will be tracking us, right?
    I don't think so... I know I won't be doing anything illegal so what would be their interest in me?

    Also, how do you know Vanilla / Opera servers / our ISP connections' equipment / other search engines are not already exploitable? 🙂

  • ... I don't think so... I know I won't be doing anything illegal so what would be their interest in me?

    One exception might be, at least for a few other folks, where a user in a heavily-censored land is searching Opera's forums for information about using Opera Turbo and its proxy characteristic as a means to end-run the censorship. I know a few users still do, and I know in the old MyOpera forum some users have even asked such questions (very guardedly) in the forum itself when their searches came up empty there. Such folks are very cautious about their search topics being tracked.

  • Yup.