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  • The browser seems to be a little too big for the display. E.g. I can only see half of the scroll bar and not all of the tab bar. This is the same for both my desktop and laptop. Updated to latest version. Thanks in advance.

  • Do you have various edges available to resize it? If not, the keyboard method of residing should still work. On any Windows program, pressing Alt-space should display the system menu (with Maximize, Minimize, Restore, Move, Resize and Close on it). Once the menu is displayed you can use either accelerators or the cursor keys and Enter to select Resize. Once Resize is selected any cursor key will move the pointer to that edge of the window (though obviously if it is off-screen you won't see it any more), following cursor keys will move that edge until either Enter is pressed to accept the new size or Esc to cancel it. Probably easiest to start with the top edge - once you have the tab bar well onto the screen you'll be able to use the mouse to drag the window and thus no longer need the keyboard method.

  • @sgunhouse Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I can still resize it by dragging the edges but when Opera is maximised, it is too big for the screen.

  • Oh, you didn't say maximized - or do you mean full-screen? No, full-screen has no tab bar at all. Hmm ...

  • @sgunhouse Not full screen, just maximised. I can see some of the tab bar, some of the scroll bar, the edges just get cut off if you know what I mean. It has happened before but it resolved itself after a few months.

  • Same issue here. Using 3 monitors, sometimes the browser even goes outside of one monitor and I can see like a third of a scroll bar on another monitor.

  • @alron1 Yes, exactly my issue on 2 monitors

  • Testing it on my system I do see that part of the scroll bar is off-screen - and as this is a built-in display I know it isn't an alignment issue. (External monitors allow you to set screen position and size, and so could be configured so that the screen is not completely within the display.)

  • I also am having this problem for about a week now.

    Here's a screenshot of it:

  • Single monitor, W10, 120dpi (using win10dpifix - this may alter startup settings for scaling) - same problem here.

  • This post is deleted!