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Opera Sync isn't syncing bookmarks

  • @ragequit said in Opera Sync isn't syncing bookmarks:

    Hello, fellows! Can someone please clarify why bookmarks on bookmarks panel don't sync among my computers?? (1xPX, 2xMac, 1xiPhone)

    PS, YES, "Sync bookmarks" is ON in Synchronization settings.


    Yes, all the needed bookmarks are there. But in DIFFERENT folders. Each folder corresponds to one of my machines mentioned above. Furthermore, my PC-machine is not listed in "devices".

    How to make them sync?

  • @wagnerfilho89 what exactly you mean that you have no access to bookmarks? From logs you added it appears you should have them correctly synchronized.

    • encrypted tag on means that you have used master password to encrypt your sync data so it can only be viewed on browser
    • all bookmarks should be visible on opera:bookmarks page, especially ones from opera:startpage on other devices, you should see them there under specific subfolders 0_1535966161523_boomarks.png
  • @ragequit bookmarks should synchronize between devices with exception of Speed Dial bookmarks which are always stored in separate folders when they come from different devices. But they should still be visible on opera:bookmarks page.

  • @msb @faurkhas duplicated categories is some issue and we are trying to look into it. We have no reproduction steps for this at the moment so any details would be helpful:

    Edit: we found problem on server. Our team is working on a fix for duplicate bookmark nodes.

  • Hi,
    I have the same problem of bookmarks not syncing on Ubuntu 18.04. Just installed Opera, logged into Account and the opera://sync-internals page shows all bookmarks have been synced.

    0_1535971753086_Screenshot from 2018-09-03 12-48-43.png

    However, when I open my bookmarks, it shows absolutely nothing:

    0_1535971796476_Screenshot from 2018-09-03 12-49-42.png

  • Same problem here,

    Installed Opera on new laptop, tried to sync and it didn't work.
    Went to and I see all the folders are duplicated but most duplicate folders are empty.
    The original folders contain bookmarks but I cannot sync them nor import them.
    I don't see any bookmarks on opera:bookmarks page nor do I have "Other speed dials" folder. I have been trying to get my bookmarks all day but no success.

  • @mgeffro
    Nice! Thanks. It's seems it works, fine now. My Bookmarks are back!

  • Incident follow up.

    We recently done server upgrade which broke encoding of bookmark id. This caused bookmarks to appear missing and duplicates to be generated. Problem with missing bookmarks should be now resolved. Most of duplicated bookmarks have been removed. However bookmarks which were created between 30.08 and 3.09 could still have duplicates as that's when broken code was active and being deployed on our servers. To not cause any data-loss we decided to not activate automatic removal of those duplicates.

  • Bookmarks are still missing. I checked ""


    but browser side, there is no bookmark.

  • @endlessfx i too have this problem

  • @mgeffro

    So, what we need to do to fix this? We still have problem with doubled folders and sync problems.. Manual fix for user accounts for example? Or something like that?

  • @msb Logged out and logged in for sure, still continuing..

  • Mysteriously, with the system restart, synchronization fixed. Thanks for all guys who helped me and all of us.

    But still shows doubled categorize.

  • Expected as explained in this topic.

  • This post is deleted!
  • As I said above, (both developer and stable version) bookmarks are still missing

  • @msb Hello! Just wanted to clarify, when you said system restart, do you mean rebooting the computer or just the browser? I'm still not getting my bookmarks synced unfortunately.

  • I had that problem too when I refreshed the sync page, but what I did was reset my sync data, logout and back in on both PC and Android versions that I had, then shut down both PC & Android browsers (not the computer or tablet). When I reopened both browsers, everything was working fine and the duplicate bookmarks did not come back. I would only do this if you have a bookmarks backup or already have bookmarks on either of your browsers otherwise you'll wind up with no bookmarks whatsoever.

  • Another update. Apparently initial fix for id's wasn't working properly and we done another fixup to this. This second fix for missing bookmarks was triggered manually for @msb and @berrram accounts. @berrram could you try to log out of sync and log in again to confirm that bookmarks appear for you again? If you can confirm this works this fix will be triggered for all users.

  • Just had to reinstall Windows again and dumb Sync is still not restoring my bookmarks. It seems to restore other settings, but does NOTHING with bookmarks. What a mess. Now I have to yet again copy bookmarks file by hand from other system...

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