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Unwanted speed dial entries - again

  • So, the "story" continues - every new update brings that unwanted speed dial entries - FB, booking, youtube, yahoo, amazon, ebay.
    And it seems every time there is more and more of them.

  • @deestonic

    As far as I understand this post, this is intended advertising, which will, however, be deactivatable in the future (the current developer version already supports this function, but not Opera 55.0.2994.37 Stable).

  • "There is no free lunch". However, as mentioned, you should be able to avoid those speed dial promotions starting on Opera 56.

  • @leocg said in Unwanted speed dial entries - again:

    "There is no free lunch".

    So why do they advertise it as free browser then?

  • Do you pay something to use it?

  • We've already got accustomed to appearing 1-2 new ad-provided elements in express panel every Opera update (Google, Booking, etc). But now with v55 you've exceed all limits. I've removed 6 advertising links from panel!
    What is next? Maybe you will replace all my panel's elements with ads? Or simply embed banners at webpages? Guys, you're too impudent. You will lost users with this strategy.

  • @leocg Oh, please, don't play that game. It shows ads, it's intrusive - so, i'm paying with my attention. And that's just what they want.
    So yes - it's not free.
    Opera once was one of the worlds best browsers and look at it now, it's just a bit more than piece of crap. Generic shit...poorely made.

  • Except for Chrome and iE/Edge, because they don't depend on it, almost all browsers will show you promoted speed dials and/or bookmarks at least once.

    And free doesn't necessarily means without any cost.

  • If Opera no longer fits your needs, why don't you just go use something else? There are lots of browsers around there.

  • @deestonic said in Unwanted speed dial entries - again:

    @leocg Oh, please, don't play that game. It shows ads, it's intrusive - so, i'm paying with my attention. And that's just what they want.
    So yes - it's not free. ....

    There is no "game" involved in what he said. In this world, there are no true 'free' lunches... somebody, somehow must pay in some way for creating and offering them. In the conventional marketplace, payment for something is normally made by handing over 'money'; when money is not handed over, then the term "free" is often applied to the transaction. Use of that term in ads normally conveys that the product is available without the user paying money for it.

    However, there still remains a real cost that exists for the product, and either the maker must cover that cost 'out of the goodness of his heart' (and incur the losses) or he must attempt to recover 'value' (to him) from the user so as to defray his true costs. There are only three main mechanisms available for a maker to recover value from a "free" product: sell the user's personal data and/or browsing details into the data-marketing arena, sell access to the user's eyeballs (ads and favored placements within the product), or cover/underwrite the cost of the 'free' product from the maker's profit from a different for-pay product in hopes of interesting the user in buying that for-pay product. There is only one end-point for companies that don't somehow recover their continuing costs for 'free' products they provide: bankruptcy.

    I don't particularly like ads and such, but in an Internet world dominated by the revenue model of "free" software and websites, I realize that either eyeballs or data about me are the payment for such. I don't, however, feel outraged and entitled to continue using such "free" products without paying for them in some way, since I'm nowhere entitled to a life full of free lunches in the real world.

  • Funny, because I have 2 laptops running Windows 7 Pro, and I haven't had ANY advertising Speed Dial icons in many an Opera update, for months now.

  • @leocg said in Unwanted speed dial entries - again:

    If Opera no longer fits your needs, why don't you just go use something else? There are lots of browsers around there.

    I am using something else, of course.
    Installed Opera after not using it for sooo long just to check on it, is it any good again.
    Guess we all know the answer to that. 😞

  • Yep, Opera is still the best browser.

  • @leocg

    Your right Opera is really under rated, I really am giving it all the word-of-mouth support I can give. ☝

  • Ads in speed dial is okay when they are only appear after update, but i cannot delete some dials, they re-appear after sometime...reset will help ?

  • After you delete them, go to Bookmarks and make sure you empty the trash. Sync has been known to restore deleted items if you haven't emptied them from the trash,

  • @sgunhouse 👍 🤝

  • Opened an Opera (54.0, Mac) Speed Dial page just now to find newly added shortcuts to Target and a travel site mixed into the middle of my usual bookmarks. They didn't show up as "Suggestions" (which are turned off) - they were just tucked away in the mix of my thumbnails.

    I haven't visited Target's website in years, and hadn't shopped there for months until this past weekend - now suddenly it shows up as a "suggestion"? Creepy.

    I used the travel site a month ago, in Private Browsing mode w/VPN. Why would it suddenly show up on my Speed Dial?

    I certainly didn't add either shortcut, and I have "Show Speed Dial Suggestions" turned off in both "Easy Setup" and "Preferences." I have plenty of other "bookmarks", but these aren't among them.

    So what the hell!?!?
    What else can I expect might randomly appear w/o warning or consent?
    This has apparently been a recurring problem for years.
    Do you really want to dick around w/the tiny market share of users you still have? Those who already left Chrome, FF & IE for pulling this kind of crap?

  • Opera will add new speed dials from partners from time to time - I just got speed dials from Target and Groupon (an online coupon site). If you don't want them, delete them (and don't forget to go to Bookmarks and empty them from the Trash) and forget about them.

  • @nobiznis,

    you may want to note that, probably from (stable) Opera version 56, it should be possible to prevent these unwanted additions.

    Please stop ads via speed dial entries