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  • It would be cool if just by right clicking at the tabs there was an option to close ALL tabs and just stay with a new opened main page.

  • @sebaspe For what something like this would be useful?

  • Opera 12 has this and it was nice. That is, "right-click on tab -> Close all". It would close all tabs and open a new opera:speeddial tab. Works nice as a "clear" for a window. Some extensions that did it for Firefox would close all but the last and then blank the last (as in remove back/forward history and load the start page) to make it more visually appealing. As in, you wouldn't see the last tab disappear and a new one open in its place. It'd be seamless.

    In Opera 12 when you choose "close all", you get a dialog asking you to okay it. The dialog as a "don't bug me" checkbox too.

  • @burnout426 Opera Presto had the email client and some other stuff that could be left running even without an open tab, but in Opera Chromium I don't see anything to justify leaving the browser opened with no tabs.

    Also, if I remember correctly, it was possible due to Presto using MDI, what doesn't happen with current browsers.

  • @leocg said in Close all tabs but not the browser:

    leaving the browser opened with no tabs.

    Yes, I don't see a reason for that as the title suggests. However, the OP's description "close ALL tabs and just stay with a new opened main page" leads me to think the wish is not to close all tabs and just have the start page without a tab button, but to close all tabs and then open up a startpage tab.

    @sebaspe, can you clarify?

  • The suggestion is good. Currently I'm using 'Close tabs to the right' and then closing the last tab if I want the only one tab with main speed dial page to be left.

  • You can also open the Speed Dial, right-click that tab and choose "Close Other Tabs". That would leave only Speed Dial open.