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Opera hangs and causes task manager to hang until CTRL+ALT+DEL is used

  • Hello all,

    Since the release of flow, I've had some bad issues on the PC with hanging to the point where I have to start task manager with CTRL+ALT+DEL, as just right clicking on the task bar still won't let me click - it just hangs.

    As it doesn't crash, it doesn't send the report to Opera, so I thought that was probably worth mentioning on here.

    To fix it, I've had to unpin the 10 or so tabs that I had open and ready that I use throughout the day for business, and switch to a bookmark tool bar for my frequently used sites - and that seems to have fixed it, and although it's not an issue as I've now worked around it, I thought I should mention it - as it doesn't crash and I have to force stop the app, no report ever gets sent.

    What I have to do is open task manager, that doesn't work and I can't click anything, so I try to close Opera through the task bar, that doesn't work, so I CTRL+ALT+DEL and click task manager, then all of a sudden I can click things on it and force Opera to close, then I re-open Opera, it keeps hanging and I go round and round in circles until finally it will randomly let me close some tabs, then it's fine, so it's clearly an issue with the amount of tabs open and pinned. When there are no tabs pinned, it doesn't seem to do it, although as the release is so new I can't say that for sure as the issue has only happened in the last 48 hours.

    It's not an issue with my PC - I run a full time photography business and run heavy website design software so my pc is high spec - Intel i7, 32GB ram, massive graphics card to help speed up visual processes on Photoshop etc.

    Checking task manager, opera only ever uses about 2.5GB of ram on average with 15+ tabs in one window, and Netflix permanently open in the other. I know for sure it's not a resource issue on the PC as it's never over 5% of the CPU usage when I check it and the RAM never gets used to full capacity, even when I have all of my tabs, multiple windows, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Muse, Outlook, Word, WhatsApp, multiple explorer folders open and a bunch of other apps.

    I just thought this was worth mentioning as it has only started since the latest update.

    Many thanks,

  • @sarahbro Any difference if you disable hardware acceleration in settings? Also see