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Can't Connect after Windows 10 Spring Update

  • Opera is not connecting to any websites since I have installed the Windows 10 Creator's Spring Update. Edge and Firefox work fine (typing this on Edge). I have no idea what is blocking it. Neither Norton nor Malwarebytes is. I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. I am looking for any suggestions. Thanks.

  • @gator5000e Now I am getting "This site can't be reached" errors. I even get that trying to access an Opera site like the beta download site. I don't understand. All my other browsers are working fine. I am running version 52.0.2871.99

    Opera was my default browser. Guess that will have to change now until this I get this figured out.

  • @gator5000e Did you try the basic reinstall?

  • @leocg Yes. Same result. Now I completely uninstalled (including user data) and will reinstall and try again. If it doesn't work, guess I will head to the new FF. Opera used to be so fast on my computer. Now it's the opposite.

  • DId the full uninstall and reinstalled. Same thing. Just going to resulted in a This site can't be reached error. It says took too long to respond. So something doesn't like the Browser. Opera seemed to be fine yesterday. I am not sure what happened between yesterday and today.

  • @gator5000e There is something on your system blocking Opera.

    Try check your connections settings, un-checking automatic detection may help.

  • Thanks, I just cant' figure out what it is. Both Edge and FF connect without issue. Neither my Norton AV nor my Malwarebytes updated over the past few days. The on;y change was the W10 update. I have no idea where to look. Opera is set to allow in Norton. Turning off both Norton and MWB doesn't change anything. All other programs and apps connect just fine. I am not sure where I uncheck automatic detection.

    Also, sometimes it loads but very slowly. And sometimes it doesn't show pictures/placeholders.

  • Opera, like Chrome, uses the system's network stack and therefore the system's proxy settings. So, I'd check the "Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN" settings and make sure a proxy isn't set. That's where the "automatically detect settings" checkbox is at too.

    That's probably not the issue if Edge works fine, but I'd check just in case.

    Maybe reset the windows firewall settings and temporarily disable Norton (all parts) to see if it's causing the issue.

  • Thanks. Tried all that. Norton is not blocking Opera. It seems as if there is an issue going through Opera's servers, if that even happens at all. Now I am sometimes getting to web sites but pictures aren't loading. It is just very strange. As I said. Edge and Firefox are working fine. I have no idea why they would work and Opera wouldn't.

  • Maybe you can test in other Chromium-based browsers like Chrome and Vivaldi to see if it's just limited to Opera.

    Also, I know you already said you completely uninstalled including user data, but you could double-check with a standalone installation. Download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder on your desktop, set "install for" "standalone installation" and install. And, just for testing, you could try the developer version of Opera just to see if there's any difference. See right side of

    @gator5000e said in Can't Connect after Windows 10 Spring Update:

    It seems as if there is an issue going through Opera's servers, if that even happens at all.

    As long as you have Opera's VPN and Opera Turbo turned off, Opera's servers shouldn't be involved at all.

  • Update..

    I tried all options that I could find on internet to enable Opera, but it didnt work.
    What worked in my case:

    1. went to "run compatibility troubleshooter"
    2. it suggested Window 8, but it didn't work..
    3. enable additional option " the program requires additional permission"
    4. now its working