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Opera does not save web pages properly

  • Opera does not save web pages properly. I have an archive of web pages covering the last twenty years. I've discovered since I've been using Opera that not every web page I've saved has in fact, been saved. A lot of the time all it saves is the folder that accompanies the actual html. This has cost me dearly as my archive is incomplete as I've "saved" over 2000 web pages in more than 1600 different categories. You've destroyed twenty years of work and I've no way of correcting the errors this defect has caused.

  • @gruffdog See

    So in twenty years you have never checked your files to see if they were fine?

  • @gruffdog said in Opera does not save web pages properly:

    A lot of the time all it saves is the folder that accompanies the actual html.

    As in, there's nothing in the folder and when you load the HTML file it looks messed up because the styles, images and such are missing?

    If so, that's weird. Do you have any non-default cache settings or do the saving in a private window or something like htat?

    If you'd rather save the web page and its content as an mhtml file instead of an html file + a folder of content, you can turn on opera://flags/#save-page-as-mhtml. You might have better luck with that. But, either way, I'd always check the saved web page to make sure it's right.

  • @leocg Please don't be a smartass. I just started using Opera about 3 months ago. I don't know how many web pages I've lost in that time. But I'm quitting Opera and will badmouth it for the rest of my life. I'm going back to Firefox which is a good browser except for it's latest upgrade which prohibits add-ons I like to use. Goodbye.

  • i'd say gruffdog is done with this thread !.. *Lock it up..