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Is there an available version of Opera for OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks)?

  • @mk77 Because it most probably will try to access the old servers.

  • @leocg Got it, thanks. I take it there's no workaround (plugin, etc. or equivalent) that can fix this so that the VPN will be functional in 10.9.5?

  • @mk77 Nope, there isn't.

  • @leocg
    The last version supported by 10.9.5 was 49.0. I have the same problem....I don't want to upgrade to MacOS10.10, but Opera automatically updates to version 51.0, which only works with MacOS10.10.

  • @1940-pitmon
    Opera updated ITSELF to version 51.0 and then stopped functioning, because 51.0 requires MacOS10.10, which I haven’t upgraded to….and do not want to upgrade to. If I did upgrade to OS10.10 my older Adobe Creative Suite would not work, and I so no particular need for OS10.10. I’ve reinstalled Opera revision 49.0, but when I open that, it also upgrades ITSELF to 51.0. Opera is far-and-away my favorite browser and I’d hate to lose it. What can I do to stay with Opera version 49.0????

  • Stop it from updating by using the Mac Terminal app, and input this code:
    defaults write com.operasoftware.Opera OPDisableAutoUpdate true

  • @concretable
    I did as you directed.....IT WORKED!!!!! I'm very very grateful. Thank you so much.

  • @1940-pitmon There is problem with our autoupdate server which started to serve new version to unsupported systems on macOS. We are already working on fixing this.
    Sorry for this inconvenience.
    Thanks @concretable for your help.

  • @1940-pitmon
    I'm in the same boat. I like and prefer my OS 10.9.
    (I had once tried 10.10 and don't like it.) But now
    OPERA left me standing nude. It had my bookmarks,
    my setting, etc., and yet the stupid program (the one
    that would install itself the next time I open OPERA)
    could not figure out that it is incompatible with my
    resident OS 10.9. It lets you install the latest Opera
    version - only to be told "No Good"! Good riddance
    OPERA, unless you're smart enough to recognize
    and adapt to your resident operating system.

  • It should be fixed, but you'll have to delete the updated version and install the old one.

  • Will I lose my Favorates / Bookmarks if I delete the updated version ?
    or will I recover them when I will install the old one.

    Other thing : will VPN work with other version of Opera now?

  • @just-a-user Only if you choose to do it during the uninstall process or if you manually delete the profile directory.