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Title bar?

  • Is there any plans for a proper title bar?
    It is really difficult to be productive in Opera in maximized window mode when working in a Remote Desktop environment.
    Yes it's very common these days when users are connecting to office computer etc.
    Remote Desktop title bar covers Opera tabs and it's not always an option to hide it.
    Also if the tabs are pinned then I don't see any page title.


    Is it possible to implement a proper title bar that can be toggled on/off?

    Another question: What happened to "use system color on top bar"?

  • @ervin74 I don't see Opera or any major browser getting back a title bar anytime soon.

  • @leocg

    A proper title bar:

    0_1521882586820_Firefox Title bar.jpg

  • You can unpin the remote desktop bar so that it does not block the view iirc.
    Also that last screenshot is it from the "old" firefox I suppose? I don't remember Quantum having that.
    Maybe some Firefox forks still have that look, from the Chromium based ones, in Vivaldi you can always see the title on the top if you put your tabs to the left/right/bottom.

  • @xirit32

    The last screenshot is from Firefox Quantum 59.

    I know that the remote desktop bar can be unpinned but there are scenarios where users are switching a lot between the remote desktop window and the local computer.

    I don't understand why Chromium based browsers cannot give the option to turn it on. How hard can it be?
    Who decides all this, really? Why be so narrow minded?

    I guess the future look bright for Mozilla. They seem listen more to the end users needs and real world scenarios.

  • @ervin74 Would the addition of a title bar worth the cost to do it? Would that many users be interested in it? Could it make a huge difference in help bringing new users to the browser and in keeping the current ones? Would it make sense to a software to have a title bar in that OS?
    Those are questions that should be made before adding something to a product.

  • @leocg

    I know what you mean but the big question is why wasn't the title bar implemented from very the beginning?
    Somebody tried to be clever, too clever I guess and now we are stucked with the consequences!
    After all the title bar is a common and familiar way to the windows user interface. It always have been.

  • What is the difference between having a selectable title bar in maximized mode and adjusting window size vertically on the current Opera version?

  • @ervin74 The title bar takes unnecessary vertical space, that's the main logic behind it I assume, in fact I think Opera was of the first (as it was always looking for ways to improve the user's ergonomy) to do it (maybe with Opera 9, don't remember very well now), and I suppose that your scenario does not apply to the majority of users. Also who knows about the future of Mozilla, if it was that good they wouldn't plain copy Chrome to reach a wider user base and be faster, Opera on the other hand was always blazing fast, which remains -despite their engine switch- still one of their "selling" points. They were blocking window pop-ads and gave people the possibility to custom block ads natively from inside the browser for the speed gain long before extensions in other browsers became popular.

  • @ervin74 Maybe because (almost) no one really cares about it? Or maybe because it doesn't make much sense to have one?

    Firefox doesn't have one, as well as Edge, at least by default and in FF I couldn't find anything in settings page to enable it, what probably means that it isn't something that many users want or need.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @leocg
    Firefox has one! Take a look at the above screenshot. It has to be enabled but it has one.
    (In FF Menu => Customize = "Enable Title Bar")

  • @xirit32

    Nothing of what you wrote is some real arguments to not to have an optional title bar that can be turned on/off like in Firfox.
    There can be many scenarios when it's really needed to have one and It's not like it consumes 10000 lines of code.