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Need Increase Size And Space for my Tabs

  • Hello im still looking for way to increased space for Tabs
    So they can be Bigger and i can put them more (They all need be in one Window and be easy to get with 1 click
    Any1 know some Addon which i can try or something ?
    Best would if i can add additional "rows" under first one

    I was asking 1 year ago about this, but there was no real fix atm so i reflesh topic. I hope maybe something changes .Thx for help anyway.

  • @kotsapl don't know any extension that does that.
    And a regular tab manager / session manager would not work for you? For example like this and this ?

  • @acidinmyfridge
    Ok i found some kind of Vertical Tab Addons 3-4 of them but need more testing but not sure if they gonna work like i need . Thanks

    but still need more ideas and propositions if someone have any

  • @kotsapl there is several tab mangers on the OperaExtensionsStore and plenty on the ChromeStore. I chose two from the ChromeStore which i thought were decent. In order to be able to install chrome extensions you need this OperaAddon

    Hope you'll find something that fullfills your request. Please share here if you find something that allows increase of tab size and such. Would like to check it out as well.

  • @acidinmyfridge
    well i check just some OPERA addons and i didint found anything thats match ...

  • I would also like to +1 this request for multiple rows of tabs. The Tab Menu is sort of an option, but it pales in comparison to a scrollable row(s) of tabs that are still large enough to be viewed meaningfully.

    I run an older version of Firefox simply so I can run Tab Mix Plus which does two key things for me:

    1. allows up to three rows of tabs to be visible at once (and scrollable beyond that)
    2. sets a minimum tab width in pixels so that tabs can still be identified easily.

    Please see what you can do about prioritizing this one - I'd +1000 it if I could. Thanks!