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  • We are happy to announce the release of Opera for Android 45 (45.0.2246.125120)
    In this release, we’ve spent a lot of time improving the Download feature. It has the new UI, faster to download files, and more functionalities are there. Your ongoing download continues even after Opera is closed. If you use our data savings feature, your daily data usage is now visualized in the settings. Please check and see how much data Opera saves for you! In the previous version, many users gave us feedback about the reduced Speed Dial size. Now in this version, we have adjusted the size and you can also change their size from the Settings.

    Change log for this version:

    • New Download UI and functions
    • Accelerated download
    • Background download
    • Data savings graph
    • Trending Searches
    • UI language settings
    • Speed Dial size adjustment

    Our next challenge is to make Opera browser user friendly anytime anywhere. Maybe you know which feature I’m referring to 😉

    Please try the new version and leave a comment with any feedback you may have for us.


  • This post is deleted!
  • I'm glad (and I'm sure many others are) that you went back to the larger icons in Speed Dial. Personally no use for "trending", but I guess we'll see.

  • Please add an option to disable the extremely irritating Trending Searches. Otherwise great!

  • @kaosz86 and @nickjudson
    We've noticed several other users are also asking for an option to disable Trending Searches feature. We are looking into the possibilities. Thank you very much for your feedback!

  • @nickjudson said in Opera for Android 45:

    Please add an option to disable the extremely irritating Trending Searches. Otherwise great
    I completely agree that Trending Searches should have an on/off option

  • @miyukiwork and don't give enhanced opera mini xd

  • @miyukiwork Please add me to the list of those who wish to disable "Trending searches". Completely unwanted and very irritating. I believe imported from Google - I hope there is a way to block it!

  • Not happy about the large/small icons change on my tablet.
    Previously I had 6 columns of icons; with the large icons I have 5 columns and far fewer rows. When I change (back) to small icons I still only have 5 solumns, so the only 'benefit' of small icons over large is that they're smaller. and the list is narrower. But no more icons showing.

    Please provide 6 (or more - there's probably room for 7) columns on small icons otherwise there's no reason for the option at all.

  • @miyukiwork I too would appreciate it if u could disable the trending searches. One of the reasons I switched from Chrome to opera was because I was tired of having news and other items shoved down my throat during my browsing experience. Opera was a terrific solution to this, and still remains such. But please add option to disable.

  • When is password sync comming to android?

  • There are so many things opera lacks. Like password sync. Also there are some pages where opera does not give the option to save auth. data after logging in.
    Yet opera always manage to come up with some highly unwanted, cheap ass bullsh#t.
    Just like trending searches, popping up ads in opera mini after starting the app, importing speed dials only one by one in the main android app...
    Why is it so hard to focus on important things?

  • @kaosz86 @sgunhouse @nickjudson @arnoldstrong @efskeff @Baltera

    We've decided to add Trending searches on/off option. This will be available in next beta versions.

  • What happened to the feature whereby I would get a little pop-up asking me if I wanted to search for any text I copied to the clipboard?

  • @squall88uk It is still there, no problem here.

  • You have made some good improvements as in download management but from Opera 44, in Tablet Mode we have lost the option to show "Recently Closed Tabs". And I don't understand why the tabs menu button (where was "Recently Closed Tabs") has been replaced by the tab switcher button that does not make sense in Tablet Mode.

  • @shubham926 said in Opera for Android 45:

    When is password sync comming to android?

    It does not synchronize passwords from the desktop version.
    Do not ask and remember passwords on mobile 😞

  • It's so hard to create a password manager? You fool us with all sorts of improvements, but an important option is missing "password manager" , an option that users have been asking for years.