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  • Since the latest update every time I click on a link in google news to go to a news site Opera pops up a redirect notice telling me that the page is trying to send me to another site and asking me if I want to go back. This is pointless and extremely annoying and it only began with the latest update. It makes me click a second time to go the page I want. Obviously if I clicked on a google news link I want to go to that news article. That's what google news does. I've noticed that this only seems to happen with google news and that other sites that redirect, such as videogame info sites, don't seem to be affected. Is this a bug or does someone know how to fix this ?

  • @duncanm I don't see such notice here. Do you use any extensions? Maybe one is causing it.

  • No it's not something that would be caused by an extension, and I haven't added any new extensions. Everything was fine until the latest update. This is what I'm talking about.

  • @duncanm Does it happen in other pages? Here I don't see it as I said.

  • @leocg It only seems to be happening on google news. Other sites that redirect, like sites that offer links to deals on vidogames, seem to work OK. But virtually every link I click on on the google news page I get that annoying pop up full page notice. In both Beta and stable releases. I've tried several browsers and Opera is the only one that's doing this. I tried googling the issue but couldn't find anything recent.

  • @duncanm Maybe a setting on Google News page is causing it? Did you change any setting in Opera recently?

  • @leocg I checked the google news settings but I don' seet anything there that would account for this, and I haven't changed anything in Opera recently. As I said, this only started with the latest update, just a couple of days ago. I thought it could be a problem with google but it doesn't happen in other browsers like Firefox, only Opera, and only after the recent Opera patch. Never seen this problem before, really not sure what to make of it but it really slows down browsing

  • I think I remember some recent news about stricter redirect handling in Chromium. I'll see if I can find anything. I could be wrong though.

  • i read about that on malwarebytes blog

    and it was mentioned in quite a few newblogs:


  • Problem solved, or at least figured out. It's caused by a change with google news a couple of months ago. There are now two google news url's, an older legacy one now mainly associated with mobile devices and a new one associated with desktops. The older one has been deprecated. So when you go to google news via the old url it still goes to google news but when you click on a link you get redirected to the page your'e trying to get to but under the new url. I haven't so far been able to fix the problem by going to the new url, when I try that I get a 404 error. But some quick googling indicates that others are having similar problems. I've discovered that other browsers don't trigger the redirect notice because they automatically remove the new url redirect, they cancel it and automatically send you to the requested page. But Opera doesn't do that. So I haven't solved the problem but at least I know now what's causing it.

  • Yes, I get it on Google News. Annoying. Looked for some new setting, but couldn't find anything. Opera/Google News bug. Not the first. Google wants us to switch to Chrome? (I know, paranoia.)

  • @duncanm Thanks duncanm. Will look for a fix.