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Forums upgraded to NodeBB 1.7.2

  • @amatczak I use Opera Mini.
    Previously I can do like or dislike any post & can reply in this forum. Afrer this Forum update literally Opera Mini can do nothing except just reading posts. So, Please bring back Opera Mini friendly Forum system. And do update this forum once again.

  • I just edited a comment of mine, and after hitting ">", the comment appeared as it was before the editing. Is it normal? Windows XP Opera 36.
    Check it out, guys, if it's the same with you...

  • About the notifications.
    I got some bunch of emails from last time, a month ago. Now seeking for email notifications settings and their improvement.

    First I have to notice the checkboxes seem vague when unchecked - grey on grey. More contrast, please?

    Then, about those notifications.
    What about considering to have certain differentiation regarding whether I follow the guy or not. I don't like having an e-mail message on every single comment, but, for example, if a guy I follow starts a thread...
    Or what about having a sort of frequency filter, or (and) packing certain bunches of close messages (notifications on comments in the same thread) into one email? Just thinking...
    Well, it is good to have some reminders of good comments in my mail-box, and I can clear those not so important etc., but what if I'm active on these forums very much on a certain day, then I've got several pages of mail to clean? Not so convenient. I mean I'd appreciate some filtering.
    On the other hand, it might be easier to check this site if these notifications here work correctly, with e-mail notifications turned off. I mean I might check my mail not so often, etc. However...
    Anyway, I would be careful about having this balance and not overdoing things here. ☝ And, besides, it's my first time after a month and I should see how it's going as it is first.👀

  • There are a few more options on the Settings page than there were - have a look and see for yourself,

  • @jackob11 actually you couldn’t. The functionality you are missing now relied on JavaScript and did not work in Opera Mini anyway since Opera Mini (in Extreme data saving mode only!) disables JS on these forums. We have just hidden UI elements that did not work anyway.

    Opera Mini in Extreme data saving mode receives minimum functional version of Forums (reading/writing is possible) - sadly we can’t provide more feature rich version due to Opera Mini limitations.

    Solution: switch to less aggressive data saving mode in your Opera Mini and reload forums - you should see all features enabled and functional.

  • Skip

    • Extreme data saving

    • One column view

    Sites lists would be the best solution.

  • The Emoji picker is much better but the old icons are nicer - IMHO -.

    Old 0_1514654441304_2017-12-30_181744.png

    New 0_1514654467746_2017-12-30_182101.png

  • @zalex108
    Zalex, there is this old thread of mine:
    Moderators, Amatczak, what about reopening that thread?

  • Well, we might consider going back to EmojiOne since I don’t think I like these Android emojis myself (and they are the default for NodeBB 1.7.2) but we won’t be building our custom emoji set. Too much trouble with little reward.

  • Let's see if EmojiOne work 🙂 @zalex108
    🌈 🦄 😲

  • 👍

    They growed!



  • Too many and unnecessary, by me.
    I used to enjoy that compact and conveniently small set of emoticons on Facebook, here it was too.
    Smilie should represent emotion. I do not need two thousand bad picassos; I want a score of necessary faces and gestures, then if I need extra, I get an 'outsource'.

  • They have been in the washing machine!


  • Yeah I think there’s some bug that makes them too big. I’ll investigate when I can.

  • OK I thnk NodeBB has a bug here that causes stale CSS for emojis being served. Quick workaround is to clear your browser cache which should bring emoji size back down.

  • @amatczak 😕 Size where? In the panel with this humongous list of smilies?
    For one, I couldn't see any other size problem here. And I just cleared my cache as a regular habit, and everything seems to look the same...

    For the smilies list itself, I'd personally prefer if they were smaller there.
    And what about reordering them there so that the most basic ones come first? Or like having a much-much smaller, custom set to appear somehow?
    I used to frequent on a site where the smilies get ordered by their recent use: like I used some last - and it pops out first in the list, then the next used pops first while that last one gets second, and so on; except there were some glitches, or the "recent" list was limited. Anyway it worked...

  • @joshl I meant size of emoji rendered in the post. On my phone they rendered too big until I cleared browser cache (and I assume that’s the same issue @zalex108 was talking about).

    As for the rest of your comments - perhaps NodeBB could add something like “recent” tab in the emoji picker that would behave as you have described, but currently there’s no possibility to implement this on Opera forums since we use whatever NodeBB is providing for emojis.

  • @amatczak

    Now I see the Emojis at the small/original size and I remember that I've cleaned the cache before - despite didn't know about the bug -.


  • @amatczak said in Forums upgraded to NodeBB 1.7.2:

    As for the rest of your comments - perhaps NodeBB could add something like “recent” tab in the emoji picker that would behave as you have described, but currently there’s no possibility to implement this on Opera forums since we use whatever NodeBB is providing for emojis.

    I see the few most basic two-character combinations working, so it's o'k.
    For now the only thing is as soon as I type the initial colon, a freaking list opens to obstruct my further view. The popping up list doesn't break the typing flow though, which is good; then I remember there was an option to discard this list popping, however I'm not decided yet if I need it or not...
    What if such popping up could be made available to turn on/off on the spot?
    Or if --- can one use their Esc key?:) Checking: yep, one can!:D

    One thing though: do we always need a preceding space or another isolation method for the smilie to work?
    Checking: .™ , -😕.
    Nope. It seems that if don't hit Esc, the smilie works; but if I do, for whateve reason it doesn't. 🙂 Well, nope, not exactly - not necessarily... I can't get it...
    Can it be that only two-character smilies won't work without isolation?
    Checking something:, the two-character smilies don't seem to appear on the list... ???

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