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  • I am new to the forums and i really need help.I have been trying for several days trying to get my flash player enabled with no luck.I have watch every you tube video on how to enable it for opera as well as used all the help sites and it just wont work for me,I have even uninstalled opera and the flash player and reinstalled them with no luck.When I went into one of my games it said enable adobe flash player and it showed the steps but I didnt have what they wanted me to do,for example in the web bar it wanted me to click on the word secure but all I have is the green lock.Also when I go into the opera menu it says hover over settings and then click preference but when I do that preferences dont come up for me.I love opera and want it back but i cant for the life of me get the flash player to work.If anyone has anything that can help me please let me know

  • You seem to be reading instructions for an old version of Opera. Current versions of Opera are based on the open-source Chromium project.

    When you see a page that should have Flash in it, look for an icon in the page that looks like a puzzle piece. Right-click on that, and select Enable Flash from the menu.

  • http://whdn.williamhill.com/cms-news/index.php/site/radioWillHill/

    I'm having problems with flash on this radio site, all available options don't change the error, ....Works fine with edge and chrome! Any ideas?

  • @sgunhouse
    Hi, i'have the same pb with last stable version (49--) of opera
    (which asks either to install update of flash player or to click the puzzle for runing)
    But last flash player is already updated and works well, f.i in FireFox or Safari... So, when I click or right-click on the peace of puzzle for running flash, nothing works.
    I reinstalled many times last flash player and opera last update... but nothing works
    Note : all was ok in the 48---vers. of opera. And i'm thinking its an opera bug...

  • Take a look at the FAQ topic and also on the dozen of others about the same issue.

    Also make sure that you have PPAPI Flash installed.

  • Don't know about Safari, but Firefox uses a different type of plug-in, so Flash working in Firefox means nothing.

  • I was using a slightly wrong address in the "manage exceptions" setting, got the correct address from the world/sphere icon next to the address bar @ the top left of the screen(page information) , hope that helps!

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