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New Opera Forums launched

  • @burnout426
    Actually making the top image a link is not a bad idea, I think. We'll look into it when we have time.

  • new user here, not used the forum software before, but when posting a new thread or replying, and clicking submit, the way the dialog disappears made me think my post was lost to null and so I posted again, then noticed the little red dot in the bottom right.

    Can I recommend coming up with something a bit more intuitive? i.e. leaving the post edit/box on screen but disabled until posted, with an indicator something is happening (that isnt in the bottom right).

  • oh and I just discovered it doesnt load the whole thread, but does when you scroll, but again no indication of whats going on... im on a slow ass connection in Peru and it's not a good experience at all. I still don't know if im at the bottom of the thread or if it's loading up more posts in the background.

  • and then I just had to wait an arbitrary 120 seconds to post that reply, the error made me think my post was lost, but fortunately i discovered clicking the red thing brought the post dialog back up. meanwhile I discover nope.. Im not at the bottom of the thread and more posts were loading.

    Guys, this is a terrible experience. "frustrating", to say the least.

  • @kapanywi You can enable pagination in settings to see if that's better. Icon at top left of this page -> settings.

  • @burnout426 Thanks for that, shows how infrequently I use forums these days that I didnt think to look for a setting.

    Can anyone tell me why infinite scroll is useful in a forum setting? scrolling to the future seems counter-intuitive. if it was history I could understand.

  • @kapanywi said in New Opera Forums launched:

    Can anyone tell me why infinite scroll

    It really means to lazily load comments. Or, load comments on demand. It's basically what Facebook and Youtube do for example. The page loads a few posts and only loads when you scroll down for them.

    It helps with performance (both client side and server side). And, it allows you to have all comments on a single page where you don't have to keep on clicking next, and where you don't have to wait for a zillion comments (as in, all of them) to load to really work with the page. It really sucks for searching though.

    Anyway, there are pros and cons. I think it's a nice default though.

  • Or scroll up, if you clicked the link at the right to get to the last post. It's a decent system, once you get used to it.

  • Somehow all the smilies seem to be gone. I guess might be related to that discussion about them not working in Windows 7 machines?

  • Thanks for reporting. That's due to yestarday's NodeBB upgrade. I have fixed this now and emojis should be back.

  • @amatczak
    There was any announce about the update?
    I was writing a reply and suddenly the page went to a "We are in maintenance".

  • Nope, sorry, I tried to pick a low traffic hours, but due to the fact that we have users in all timezones, it's virtually impossible.
    We will post an announcement from now on.

  • Thanks.

  • I would like to ask/comment something related to some local forums.

    How about a Banner on top to tell the users something like:

    If there is no response to your question on your local forum, try searching / asking on the English forums.

    It could also be considered if a translator's recommendation would be useful or necessary.

    Some local forums are very alone.

  • @zalex108 just checked and this cannot be done without writing some custom logic, unfortunately (i.e. this cannot be configured through Admin Panel).
    If it were like that I'd done it right away, but since this requires some coding work, all I can do it add it to our backlog of ideas to implement.

    I am not sure though if a banner in English will really help people who don't speak it well enough to post a question 😞
    Translating it into each language would be better, but for that many languages we would need to hire someone to do the translation (cost -> less likely to be implemented).

  • @amatczak

    The banner should be in the related forum's language, sure.

    About the translation,
    I suppose it could count on the community to help to translate the sentences.

    Thank you.
    It will be appreciated to be evaluated.

  • @zalex108 One easy way I can think of would be using a sticky post in each category - huge advantage is that it does not require any Forums code modifications (we currently don't have time for it, unfortunately). Downside - it's definitely less visible. But it's something 😉
    Remaining issue would be to have the message translated in each of the Local forums language.

  • @amatczak
    That's good too!

    Thanks to take it in count.

    About the translations, then we will see.

  • @amatczak said in New Opera Forums launched:

    Nope, sorry, I tried to pick a low traffic hours, but due to the fact that we have users in all timezones, it's virtually impossible.

    You should do maintenance from 26 to 29 PM 😛

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