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VPN download: "interrupted: network error"

  • A small update on VPN downloading: Still getting the network interrupt error when downloading, stops about every 400kbs. Was unable to download from CNET. I was able to download a small 10mb file by constantly clicking on the resume file, so downloads still go through. But the download thru VPN did stop every 400kbs approx.

    And it does make you wonder about security and privacy when your using VPN to access websites.

  • I'm having the same issue as everyone else here so it seems. But in addition to the VPN not allowing me to download files; I don't seem to be able to visit sites unless the VPN is enabled. So I have to tick it on to navigate to where I want to go, and if I need to download or stream something, then I have to un-tick it...SO frustrating!

  • Update ~ Version:48.0.2685.50 still has the same issues of discontinuing or not being able to download content while using VPN; and not being able to locate specific web addresses when not using VPN.

  • I have the same problem. I use newest Opera 48.0.2685.52 (PGO) - Windows 10 x64
    For example IP:

    Opera developers, maybe some solution?
    It's annoying problem!

  • Joining in on the problem.
    As someone pointed out it happens every ~8 seconds, regardless of the location selected in VPN and download speed.
    Also clicking on the resume transfer allows you to do so 5-6 times and then the file breaks leaving a 98KB html file in the download location.

    W10 x64

    Can we have a dev please to come and confirm the issue.

  • Meanwhile it reminds me of an SSL handshake failure between VPN servers and the Opera client?! Please devs, check this out if something's going on like this.

  • Have same issue here since around a month. Downloads on VPN get interrupted.

  • Well I've been talking to SurfEasy on this one (#246635) and they say it is an Opera problem. I've reported it to Opera via the bug wizard on the 6th of October as bug DNAWIZ-20933. I've chased SurfEasy again saying:

    Guys I spoke to one of your team last Monday, I think it was Phyllis, and she advised me that she would be talking to the management team on Tuesday and find out the best way to move this forward as she thought it was not a SurfEasy issue.
    I still think that even though this is an issue with Opera the problem it with how it is working with the SurfEasy servers system.
    I did go back to Opera via Twitter advising them of how the conversation went, and no from them either.
    Previously I had reported this as a bug with Opera directly on the 6th of October as bug DNAWIZ-20933.
    This does need resolving guys and so far it seems that neither Opera or SurfEasy give a hoot about resolving the issue.
    Alas there seems to be no email address that I can locate for contacting Opera directly so you guys are my only point of contact.
    Hoping you can assist in moving this issue on. Thanks in advance.

    So it is looking to me like neither SurfEasy or Opera care about this issue or getting it resolved. I love the browser but this is getting ridiculous. I've already bought IPVanish VPN software to get round the issue and am very close to switching browsers.

  • I dunno if Opera is aware (or has acknowledged) this issue. The first post by OP was made about a month ago. From the latest post, it seems like probably Opera is aware of the issue but may not be a high priority bug.

    VPN in Opera lets users from certain countries get around senseless blockages of certain domains. So the impact of VPN is real & positive and kudos to Opera for offering it for free.

    Probably this bug is not widespread and hence not a high priority but for those who are affected, the annoyance is real. So, I do hope that Opera takes this seriously and provides a resolution ASAP.


  • Well they are very close to losing me as a user with this issue. It'd not be too bad if it was acknowledged and a fix ETA given. But to ignore it completely shows to me how little regard they have for their users.

  • @burner2000 They know about it.

  • have the same shit happening. additionaly google wants me to verify that im not a robot and put me these images for minutes! only when i use vpn

  • @leocg Thanks for confirming. Would it be possible to let us know if Opera expects to fix it in the upcoming 49 stable release? If not, do the mods know what needs to be done to fix the issue and also if possible, provide an ETA for fix release?

  • @burner2000 All I know is that they know.

  • Well I've spent over a month talking to SurfEasy and trying to talk to Opera. No joy apart from SurfEasy saying there are no issues with their servers.

    Opera just do not respond at all.

    Decision made I've purchased IPVanish VPN software, not as nice to use but a lot faster on transfer speeds, and switched the family to using Firefox or Vivaldi as a browser. So this debacle has lost Opera one family as users, but they obviously do not care.

  • I just upgraded to the newly released v49 and the interrupted error still persists. Not cool Opera...not cool. The least you folks could do is provide an ETA for the bug fix or keep us in the loop. Apart from the above issue, so far the Opera experience for me has been really positive.

  • An update Nov 16th: Problem still occurs regarding VPN download 'interrupted: network error'. Though I can download fine without VPN. I have been using EPIC browser with encrypted proxy to download files. Though Epic is nowhere as near as good as Opera (when Opera VPN was working),

    Updated Opera to version 49.0.2725.39 (PGO) and the problem still persists.

    Is it possible to go back to a version of Opera where VPN download worked say which ever version was in use in June 2017.

  • Dear Opera Developers...
    I'm totally disappointed of yours behavior .
    Almost 2 months and zero respond!

    I decided to leave your project, guys from Mozilla - they at least answer.

  • Hi,

    Can you please check build from to see if this issue reproduces there?

    Sorry for late response. It's mainly caused by work on in-house VPN infrastructure.

  • @mlowickiatwork said in VPN download: "interrupted: network error":


    Can you please check build from to see if this issue reproduces there?

    Sorry for late response. It's mainly caused by work on in-house VPN infrastructure.

    Unfortunately VPN downloads still abort with the renewed VPN in Opera dev 51.0.2791.0 (tested with location "Europe" / IP "").