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How can I stop web pages detecting my location

  • When using my VPN software, the websites redirect to unknown websites, and tries to change my clock! TIME ZONE

  • Are you using reliable VPN softwares? Did you try Opera's VPN?

    Did you check your system for malware?

  • Yes I am using Surfeasy VPN paid version for windows, and I did check my system for malware, it does it automatically, checks my system every three hours a day, every day of the week. I am using Malwarebytes paid version, and Malwarebytes Tools at ( Note: I am also using AVG software paid version.

  • Does it happens on all sites?

  • W10?
    You may try this.

    Try also disabling AVG.

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  • It only happens so far on, and and also some department stores websites home-pages!

    The windows 10 location service only works with app's downloaded from windows store and by Microsoft and Opera, Chrome, Firefox and IE 11 is not on the list of app's that uses the service. "I don't like Edge and I had disable it and Cortana app too"

    No I did not disable AVG!!! Now why would I want to disable AVG??? "Making my computer vulnerable"

  • I meant for test purposes...
    There were some VPN problems with AVG (If I'm not wrong) and other AV programs.

    At the other hand,
    if you had previously surfed those sites and allowed "Location services", then you can try cleaning "site cookies" and "Location settings".

    Windows 10 (x64) | Anniversary Update
    Opera Stable · Beta · Developer

    Test profile | Back up Linux · Mac · Win

  • Yes I know of the problem with AVG and other VPN software, "I pay for AVG Go Tech Support and they didn't help me out at all with this problem and also there Level Two Technicians at AVG Tech Support, they both tried to ignored this problem!" I solved it on my own with my version of AVG! "Note: AVG detects it as malware and automatically disables it, and the AVG software doesn't notify you about it, just disables it! Because they want you to use there own VPN software only!" (You can identify this in the VPN software you have log file.) I'm a Web Browser's Gamer and location is somewhat important.

    In Opera setting, Under websites and Location, I have checkoff "Ask me when a site tries to track my physical location (recommended)" and under Manage exceptions there is one website listed, but there is no button to Add button or to Delete button, it just has close button! (I delete unknown cookies that are listed, then I also put them into bock cookies list.) note I also use SuperAntiSpyware software the paid version on my computer and I also use AdGuard software the paid Windows version on my computer too.

    PS: AVG software it has there own malware built into there software and it doesn't mater if you have the Free version or Paid version! They're trying sell you more of there own software in the paid version! because I get at least one ad a month to buy a subscription for there own software, that you don't have installed on your PC!

  • Many sites nowadays have tools to detect that you are using a VPN and block your access to them or to their content. I don't know if there is something that can be done.

  • With Win 10 u necessarily don't need an extra antivirus software.

    Windows Defender is very good these days, and the one avail for W7 & W8 isn't the same that comes with Win 10.

    I'm glad I got rid of extra AV software and gave Defender a chance.

    Now I only run Defender with Win 10 and I'm very impressed and satisfied with it.

    Occasionally I run related software, like Malwarebytes, just to check.

  • +1

    And, only one realtime anti-malware at any given time.

  • @franks1opera said in How can I stop web pages detecting my location:

    s redirect to unknow

    most of the vps dont allow some features on google and major sites ,maybe those sites use dont allow those vps to work