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[Solved]Google sending old version of its page to Opera

  • this view keeps happening randomly please help

  • How to post about a problem in Opera

    Do you use any extension? Did you try cleaning cookies and cache?

    What version of Opera and OS?

  • I have wins 7, latest version, i even did a reinstall and removed user data and it still did it> I also trying cleaning cookies and cache

  • Turbo or VPN enabled by chance?

    Do you have any third part software that may be interfering on your Internet traffic like anti-virus and so on?

  • I'm getting the exact same issue as of today (May 25th). I've ran 2 different virus scanners (also in safe mode) I've checked proxy,vpn, and extensions. Nothing has changed today except - I very rarely use skype. Today I did and it acted really strange when I started it up. After that is when the issue began with the search issues. Though I don't think that's the cause - as chrome and IE browsers are working as intended.

    The problem isn't consistent either - sometimes it will go through the normal google searches, sometimes it won't. Refreshing the page when it acts weird fixes the problem after 1-3 refreshes.

  • If the network is not too fast switches itselft to the old version.
    Any on the go coffee network?

    Maybe this helps.

  • my internet isnt slow at all

  • also before it was random it would switch between old layout and new layout but now it seems stuck on the old layout

  • Hi guys, yeah I also have this problem, is there a fix???

    I'm going back to Chrome...

  • Hi,

    I am not going to start another thread because I also experience these problems. My brother and I on separate computers both have encountered the same problem. It started today with Google sending old format pages sometimes and I updated it (there was a new patch available) and now the problem is even more extreme with normally formatted Google pages not even appearing. This is also the case with the homepage as operauser12356 stated. I cleared my history and caches on google and even removed every single extension I had installed (even if they were not enabled). I have a fast internet connection I strongly doubt the connectivity has anything to do with it. My brother is also on ethernet and even faster internet but still the same problem.

    I have no VPNs enabled (I never even really used them). Internet Explorer works fine with Google (I am on Windows 7). My brother is on Windows 10 and his Edge works fine as well. It appears to just be Opera. My version of Opera is 45.0.2552.812 (PGO) and although I can't confirm I think my brothers may also be the same one. I also do not have any proxies on as far as I am aware. It also does not matter if Opera Turbo is on or not. This problem still occurs.

    I ran a malwarebytes scan and it did not pick up anything relating to Opera. I still have to run HitmanPro and verify Malwarebytes did not miss anything though. I disabled both Malwarebytes and Kasperky (my main anti-virus) and the problem still persists. I'd like to hope it isn't malware but right now I have no proof it is or isn't. I believe it could be something with Opera (the ammount of people getting this issue are making me suspicious) but that is all I have to go off of.

    I have yet to do a clean and full uninstall and reinstall to see if it continues there and I am going to try an earlier version of Opera but am unable to do so right now.

  • As far as I have been able to tell this is a Google problem, because if I mask my user agent to show it as firefox or chrome using an extension Google shows the new UI

    I am using Opera 45.0.2552.881 (PGO)
    and user agent is "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/58.0.3029.110 Safari/537.36 OPR/45.0.2552.881"
    and using this extension to mask

    Also just found out turning on VPN seems to correct this problem

  • Getting this problem as well. Using an extension to change user-agent is working.

  • I found an old post with a temporary solution using this extension

    Using the Google Chrome agent displays Google normally without the old ui. Apparently this is an issue on Googles end.

  • Same here. It just started today, but I updated Opera days ago. My google search results page is entirely blank on the right side; compressed fonts, etc. Image:

    It's not my connection, and I'm on Win 10.

  • I'm having the same issue at home and at work. My home connection is 100 down 10 up. I'm not having speed issues. I don't run a VPN

  • Same problem here. Do we have a bug report? I've never opened one for Opera before, but I could look into it.

  • Having the same problem as Operauser12356 here.
    It started randomly yesterday(May 25th), refreshes would sometimes fix it, now it's just stuck to the old version.

    I have latest Opera installed and use 2 extensions: adblock and Gmail notifier.
    Running on windows 7 64 bit with latest security updates.
    Tried clearing cookies, didn't work.

    Also tested on IE and Chrome, no problem with those 2 browsers.

  • I'm having the same issue, but my view isn't changing randomly, I'm getting google's old UI every time I do a search. and it's driving me crazy, I feel like I'm using Bing or something. This is how I am seeing google search results today in Opera :

    I've disabled all extentions and cleared cache and cookies, updated and restarted with no effect.

    Any suggestions?

  • I am experiencing the same issue. I have tried on multiple computers running opera, and they are all showing the same old google page. I think it affects a lot of people.

  • I am having the same issue too, I have cleared my cookies and cache and scanned for viruses. I only have one extension for downloading Youtube videos that I KNOW is not the cause.