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How to post about a problem in Opera

  • If you would like to post about a issue you are facing in Opera, please make sure to include the following information as it will help other people in trying to check the problem and help you.

    Before posting about the issue you are facing with Opera, try the following:

    • Disable all extensions (Go To Menu > Extensions > Manage Extensions), close and reopen Opera. Check if the issue remains

    • Disable all security/privacy softwares (like anti-virus, anti-malware, security suites, etc) or white-list Opera on them. Check if the issue remains

    • If the problem is with a page, disable the ad-blocker for that page

    • Create a new profile folder (check the F.A.Q on how to do it) and check if the issue still happens with it

    • If the issue is with a page, clean cache and cookies (for that page). Also check if it happens in other browsers.

    If none of the above helps then post here following the instructions below:

    • Topic title/subject (if you are opening a new one): It should be a short summary of the problem. Example: 'Can't play video on site xyz' or 'Opera crashes if I open settings page'

    In the topic body, include the following:

    • Description: Here you will describe what the problem is with the most details as possible but being objective and concise.

    • Steps to reproduce: Here you will show what people should do to try to reproduce the problem. Example: Go to page zyx; click on 'this', etc

    • Actual result: What do you see, what happens when you do the steps you have listed above

    • Expected result: What should be the correct behaviour when performing those steps

    • OS: Your version of Windows (10, 7, 8, etc)

    • URL: If the problem is with a page, post its address here

    • Version of Opera: What Opera version you are using