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When To Use Speed Dial vs Stash

  • Just starting to play with the Opera browser for Windows. So far, I really do like what I'm seeing! I'm just not clear on the difference between Speed Dial vs Stash. Can someone give me some examples when to use one or the other, or point me to some kind of writeup explaining scenarios when to use either one?

  • Speed Dial is for bookmarking your most commonly visited sites. Think of Stash as a Read Later feature.

  • I think Stash also works for items you're thinking of as short term bookmarks, where you don't want to actually bookmark it. Maybe you put in Stash something on a trip you're going to take in a week. It's also great for Videos (interviews), You Tube, along the lines of what leushino mentioned (you want to check it out later).

    Since you're just starting to play with this, johnmsch, I thought I'd mention that on Speed Dial, you can create folders of speed dial items, by moving one speed dial item on top of another. It's sort of the way Apple handles icons for apps in the Ipod and Ipad. The result is that you can cover a lot more in sites on the Speed Dial than you normally could.

  • I use Speed Dial for the sites I use more and Stash for bookmarks (I use Stash as bookmarks).

  • Johnmsch, if you're new to Opera, you might not be aware of the Quick Address Bar. You can enable it in the Settings. Then you can drag and drop bookmarks to that bar. If you have many bookmarks, you can categorize them into folders on the bar (i.e. a folder might be labelled Computer Sites into which you drop sites relating to that subject). In fact, you can have folders nesting within folders allowing you to literally bookmark hundreds of sites. I only mention this since it appeared you might not be aware of it.

  • SEE!!!, It's still early days yet, but the freedom of using the various options just like in the old classic Opera is slowly starting to shine through. OK!, not much option for customisation yet, but fingers crossed that that will change.

  • Thanks guys for all the great info, and its all falling into place now (I think).

    Coming from Firefox, I'm really looking for something like the way they implemented tab pages. You could have a set of tabs on a page. When you switch to that page, there are all the websites you were visiting, just as you left them. This was a great way of not having to keep 15 or 20 tabs open on one page.

    However, with both Speed Dial and Stash, its a static marker. When you bring up a page you had stashed or speed dialed, it takes you to that page. If you then move around in that website, neither of those entries get updated to where you were, but stay static from the time you added that entry.

    Looks like Stash is the closest thing. If I'm going to close a tab, but want to come back to the exact same place at some future time, I need to stash it. However, I would then need to go delete the previous stash entry for that page.

    All in all, I'm extremely impressed with Opera! It is SO much faster than FF, and I've yet to have it crash, which was at least a couple times a week with FF.

  • You can open the browser at the tabs you were last visiting, if you were working on something. Just go to Settings (Alt P), and put the dot in Open Specific Page or Set of Pages, then click on the option for opening the browser where you left off.

    Glad to have you enjoying Opera, johnmsch, and welcome to the forum.

  • Good to hear, John. Over time this browser is going to get better and better. It's come a long way since v.15. Welcome to the Opera Forum.

  • I'm still not seeing the reason for using Stash. If I have a page I want to save for reading later, I can just save it as a Speed Dial. If I have several pages to save, I can group them in a Speed Dial folder. I haven't really used the Stash much, but I can't see what benefits it would give me. My view so far is that it's just a different place to put the same things.

  • Well, for me Speed Dial is for pages that you access on a daily/weekly basis or, at least, very frequently. And Stash is kinda of a bookmark with a screenshot of the page.