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[Solved]Tab count always one larger than the real number of pages opened

  • Hello, is this normal that the Speed Dial page is always opened in the first tab and the tab count is, because of this, always larger than the number of pages that are in fact opened? This is so counter-intuitive for me. Speed dial was always present in a new tab, but now to access Speed Dial, I need to do some super complicated tricks and when I have, let's say 4 pages opened, I can see that there are 5 tabs opened.

    Is this how it was designed? (If so, it's a very bad design, in my personal opinion.)

  • Yeah it is like that now. I hate it too. Old way worked much better.

  • Hi @saskatchenwan,

    Yes this is by design. The home page is a static tab, so you will always have at least one tab open.

    We know this was a deviation from the previous behavior and it might be confusing to users. The interaction is currently under review, where we are investigating where to take this.

  • Parts of this may be off topic but it is all about tabs and speed dial:

    This way to handle speed dial will be confusing then counting tabs. If you count it, it will look like it is one tab too much. eg. 5 instead of 4.
    If you don't count it you will start with zero and then opening more tabs I don't know what will happen.
    If you only count it when it is in focus or ... this is wired...

    Then I press the house button to go to speed dial I expect the current tab to go to speed dial but instead Opera switch to the speed dial-tab and leaving the old page open in its tab.
    Personally I would like to, if you decide to keep speed dial as a static tab, to close the tab then someone press the house button and then focus speed dial. If I want to keep the current tab its logical to open a new one.

    What is shown on new tab?
    I would like speed dial to show on new tab. On my phone it is a lot of space at the bottom, maybe put the new tab button there. New tab button keeps current tab and goes to speed dial, house close current tab and goes to speed dial?

    The current view on speed dial feels more like it would mork better as something that pops up and not as a tab, but then the news part needs to be fit in some way.

  • @schtekaren

    Thanks for the input, I will relay this to our design team.

  • @schtekaren Oh, now I understood! So the home button works simply quite like a new tab button! Thank you for the explanation. I was really sure that it would open speed dial in the current tab.

    @operamilleson If you want to know something about my interaction with the browser - I was opening a new tab, where I wanted to see the speed dial, but it was not there, so I was pressing the back button, then the tab got closed, then I was going back to the tab list, moving to the leftmost one to see my speed dial and then I could open my page. So it was a very slow dial, as it was so unintuitive for me.

    In my opinion, you should just add a new tab button in place of the home button and SD should always appear in this new tab. It's no use for me to have this static page that lets me think that I have more left to read than I have in reality.

  • Looks like I have to finally ditch Opera completely on mobile just like most of us use Vivaldi on desktop. This behavior is really annoying, there is no point of pushing the home button because it ll just keep adding more tabs.

  • @operamilleson I would prefer it to be like it always was. If you though prefer to keep it as it is now, I would suggest not to show the start page as a tab, but instead have it full screen all the time and be able to pull the screen to the left to see SD, just like when we switch between the normal and private tabs' list.

    I hope you can consider this suggestion.

  • I think Opera is just becoming crappy with every update, sometimes I have 8 tabs open, open a page go to home page there we go, one more tab, tabs just keeps opening and opening. Opera is installed only on my phone and once Vivaldi launches Opera is gone forever. Good Opera 12 days are long gone.

  • The new "speed dial only on home page" system just isn't good. I'm open to changes but even after a month's daily use, it still feels cumbersome. Because it is. Until now I've thought "they'll realize it's crap and change it back to how it was", but running out of patience I guess...

  • So far I've not got used to new speed-dial opening and stupid opened page skipping after closing one (it everything skip to speed-dial, how ridiculous)!!

  • I was very confused with this design for the first time but after few days, i got it.

  • The new speed dial/tab behaviour works logical. It makes sense. The sad thing is I liked the previous version far better too.

  • It doesnt make sense to me, I liked the old method better, I just keep adding tabs. Cant wait for Vivaldi for Android.

  • It doesn't really make sense. Now there are two different ways to open a new tab, but if I use the "new tab"-button, I can only use search (suggestions) and no speed dial, while the number of steps to get there is still the same ("tabs" -> "+" vs. "home" -> "search/adress bar").

    On the other hand I can't "reuse" a tab using speeddial - if I want to close a tab and open one of my speed dial entries, I have to

    • click the tabs button
    • swipe up or click the "x"
    • scroll all the way to the left and click the speeddial-tab OR click "back" and then click the "home"-button

    at least 4 steps to get to something called "speeddial" is ridiculously complicated, while when using the search suggestions the same can be achieved with exactly one click on the addressbar. This different behavior is just a mess and not logical.

  • Design....yeah... i'd say it is a mindless bullsh#t.

    I really don't know who is such an idiot to come out with this and who is so stupid to let this happen.

    I mean if we look around in the android browser section, all the mainstream browsers has defects and idiotic, unergonomic design with limited functionality. (like no option for a decent speed dial, or no close & exit button, allways reopen latest browser tabs, all the menu/function switches are on the top corners in the world of 5-6" smartphones...etc.)

    But anyways, i never seen such idiotic solution like this. This is the way to revolutionize handheld browsers?
    I do not think so... You are getting like facebook...putting all the mindless and useless shit to messenger without caring about the impacts on the users and ther opinion.

    Why don't you working on a password management solution instead?

    By the way, where did you hide the screen that shows the saved data chart?

  • all the menu/function switches are on the top corners in the world of 5-6" smartphones...etc

    😕 I did not think about that and the loss of energy and time involved

  • I really don't know who is such an idiot to come out with this and who is so stupid to let this happen.

    This is against the forum rules.

  • Finally - the tab count shows the real number of tabs opened now.