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If I have an Opera account, will my bookmarks be saved if I uninstall/reinstall Opera?

  • Hi everyone. I've been experiencing some glitches on Opera. Websites that work fine on other browsers are causing me problems on Opera.

    I like Opera because of how the bookmarks are so well organized. So I'm going to try uninstalling and reinstalling it to see if that helps.

    My fear is that if I uninstall Opera my bookmarks will be lost. However, I have an Opera account which I think might save my bookmarks. Will I be able to access my old bookmarks when I reinstall Opera?

    Thank you!

  • If you have sync enabled then you must be able to get your bookmarks back in the new installation.

    However, to be almost 100% sure of that, it's better to do a backup before uninstalling Opera.

  • I had a problem with Opera and decided to reinstall. I stupidly ticked the Data Box when uninstalling. Now lost all my bookmarks! I did a full backup of my computer prior to doing this - any chance those bookmarks will still be retrievable from the hard drive?

  • did a full backup of my computer prior to doing this - any chance those bookmarks will still be retrievable from the hard drive?

    If you have a backup, there are good chances that you will be able to retrieve your bookmarks.

  • Hi, Leocg, and thank you! How is it possible to backup Opera bookmarks? I know how to backup my documents, obviously, and do this every week. But I didn't know it was possible to backup webpage bookmarks. How is this done?

  • How is it possible to backup Opera bookmarks?

    Like you backup any data, by copying the file(s) that store(s) the data to a safe place.

    For bookmarks it would be the 'Bookmarks' file in Opera's profile folder. In fact, backing up the whole profile folder is recommended.

    For more info on what to backup, you can check here

  • Thanks Leocg! 🙂 You're help is awesome. I bumbled my way through it before seeing your post, though.

    I'm writing down the instructions of what I did in case anyone else is having this problem. (I'm using Windows 10, btw.)

    Re-installing the same (newest) version of Opera resulted in the same problems. I had to go with the Beta version, which works great. However, the bookmarks were NOT saved when I downloaded the Beta version.

    I was able to salvage my bookmarks this way.

    BEFORE uninstalling Opera

    (1) If you have bookmarks in your unsorted bookmarks folder, transfer them into a new folder.

    (Why? Because Opera Beta does not have an unsorted bookmarks folder. You will not be able to find those bookmarks on Opera Beta. However, when you go to the websites, they will have a heart as if they are saved, but you won't be able to delete the heart so that you can re-add it. It will create a problem where not only are these bookmarks lost, but you can't even re-add them)

    (2) Go to this file location:

    C:\Users\my username\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable

    The part that says "my username" you will have to fill in with whatever your username is.

    Or you might be able to find it here

    C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable

    (3) There are two files called "Bookmarks" and another called BookmarksExtras. Also a file called Shortcuts and Shortcuts-journal. Copy them into a separate folder on your desktop.

    (4) Then you can uninstall Opera

    When uninstalling Opera, DON'T tell it to forget your user data, just in case.

    AFTER uninstalling Opera

    (5) Install the Beta version.

    (6) Now go to this file location

    C:\Users\my username\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Next

    If that doesn't work, just go to

    C:\Users\my username\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software

    and go into the other Opera file (besides Opera stable)

    (7) Now go to the folder where you saved copies of the bookmarks.

    Copy them into the Opera Next folder.

    Make sure that Opera Beta browser is closed when you do this.

    (8) Now open Opera Beta browser, and your bookmarks should be there!