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new version - OUT OF MEMORY issue

  • The same issue. Windows 10 64-bit, Opera 43.0.2442.1144. Fix it, please.

  • I'm testing it on a flash video and the memory use is reasonable.

  • Happens to when I go on the local TV news site!ArebzalZDNjFjHeRdyoOD0b91Q7B

    that's a screenshot of the Windows task manager with a total of 2.4GB of memory being use with only 2 tabs open Facebook and the TVNZ news page and only gets worse if I open more tabs until opera is so slow it becomes unusable

  • What does Opera's Task Manager say is using the most RAM when that is happening?

  • Using Unlocator and watching BBC iPlayer. 50 minutes and... crash, out of memory. Doesn't happen with Netflix.
    Get the same crash with Vivaldi. Chrome problem?

  • @zalex108 please check below.

  • Same thing is happening to my opera installation since November 2016.

    • Symptoms: From time to time, especially when opening sites with (html5) video content, opera will show 'out of memory' error, and have to be restarted.
    • System specs: windows 10 x64, 32GB RAM, AMD Radeon 380x, Intel 6600K.
    • Misc: Windows Defender and Comodo personal firewall running. Flash is NOT installed.

    What has been tried:

    • Incognito / Private mode : No effect.
    • VPN enabled vs disabled : No effect, maybe slightly less frequent.
    • Hardware Accelerated rendering enabled vs disabled: No effect.
    • New Profile / Clean Install: No effect.

    For comparison: Opera (recently opened) with 4 tabs, and a youtube tab playing 3 movie trailers, and it's already at 850MB RAM usage. Vs Firefox which has around 12 tabs open and a youtube tab that has been playing a lot of other contents for at least 5 hours is sitting at 550MB RAM usage. The weird thing is, closing the youtube tab does not decrease opera's memory usage at all.

    Would appreciate workarounds/suggestions.
    If anyone needs more information, please let me know.


  • What has been tried:

    What about disabling the anti-virus and other security softwares? There are some reports about they causing issues.

  • happens to me all the time on Windows 7 after watching 10 videos or so.
    will there be any real response from the dev team, any real fix other than "cannot reproduce that" messages?
    apparently it has been happening to a lot of people so why not stop acting like "woah we have no idea this is happening" and try to fix it or at least have the guts to acknowledge it.

  • will there be any real response from the dev team

    Most probably, there won't.

    any real fix other than "cannot reproduce that" messages?

    For a bug to be fixed, the developers need to be able to reproduce it.

  • Bug continues to exist. No VPN, no firewall, no anti-virus on my end, and this is how task manager looks like after about an hour of watching a stream. Eventually, after filling up all available memory tab will crash.

  • Exactly the same problem here on my desktop (Win64, i7, 16gb ram) since about December 2016. I switched to Vivaldi until it is fixed. On both of my notebooks (Win 10 and Win 8.1) Opera works fine.

  • this is how task manager looks like after about an hour of watching a stream

    Any stream? Some people have been reporting similar issue when watching streamings on Twitch.

  • Thanks to this forum discussion, I realized that, in my case, it was the VPN that was the main culprit. The VPN was introduced in Opera 40, on 9/20/16, but I didn't use it until either v41 or v42. I used it, just to see how well it would work, and I forgot and left it on all the time. I started getting regular crashes due to memory issues several weeks ago, crashes which became more and more frequent, until I finally got one last week that coincided with a Windows low memory message, which blamed it on Opera. I haven't seen such a message from Windows in ages, and certainly not on this laptop, which has 16gb of RAM. That meant that I had to take the issue seriously: it was more than an inconvenience. I did some looking and was shocked to see that pagefile.sys was >22 gb, leaving less than 2 gb free on my C: drive. Pagefile.sys is normally at 1 gb all the time. I have hiberfil.sys disabled, so I don't have to worry about that. Uninstalling and reinstalling Opera did not solve the problem. There had been no major software changes on my system. Although the VPN was the only thing I was doing differently, I considered that there might have been some other change in Opera to cause the problem, so I asked my friend Google about it. That eventually led me here. Stopping the VPN stopped the problem.

  • Disabling VPN in fact seems to stop the problem on my desktop, but on my notebooks VPN is enabled an works fine without causing "out of memory"-problems.

  • Disabling VPN in fact seems to stop the problem on my desktop, but on my notebooks VPN is enabled an works fine without causing "out of memory"-problems.

    Same OS?

    Same uptdates?

  • No, Win 7-64 prof, on the desktop an Win 8.1 prof and 10 prof. on the notebooks and almost the same software installed. But however, on the desktop only opera with VPN causes problems and all other browsers installed work fine (IE, Vivaldi, Firefox 64). I had VPN switched on again today and after watching youtube videos for half an hour, Opera ran out of memory, I had to close Opera and switch off VPN and since there are no issues.

  • You may try to test with a Virtual Machine, on the desktop with problems, maybe there is something different.

  • I got a response from a Mod on Opera Blog about this issue.

    Only recently we have been able to reproduce it on one local machine. Problem seems to affect only Windows machines and some user profiles. We still haven't found way to introduce this issue on any of developer machines so we aren't progressing with the fix as fast as we'd like to.

    In my experience, this "Out of Memory" error and the crash afterwards, only happens when VPN is active and while a video is being played.