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Removing themes to a minimum

  • Hi! I've been a long time user of Opera since it first came out. While genuinely I enjoy the idea of customizing one's browser to suit their mood or taste, I rarely do this. My beef now with the latest update is while going through my settings I happened upon the 'Themes' area. I started to weed out a few, trying to streamline the amount of themes I want in installed browser but can not seem to delete a few I REALLY do not desire to have.

    Is there a work around this or am I stuck with this?

  • You can only remove themes that you have installed. The built-in themes can't be removed. Themes that are just shown as previews also can't be removed because you have no installed them.

  • Thanks a bunch for the explanation. Just not crazy about having a Flash theme just sitting there though, oh well. :(

  • Just not crazy about having a Flash theme just sitting there

    What Flash theme? There are some animated ones but they are not Flash based AFAIK.

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