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  • I see they have replaced the avatars with random cat images for April first this year. (Random as in not dependent on the user - multiple posts by the same user show different cartoon cats.)

    Is Cats considered an Opera now? I know it was a Broadway musical, but not quite the same ...

  • ya, what's up with that? one's in the litter box ... that's crappy. one has an empty bowl ... that's cruel. one's thinking about slippers ... what does that mean? and one is licking itself (i think - its back is to the screen with its leg is up) ... that's unfortunate. lol.

  • It's their April Fools Day joke. One year they had everyone as different animals - but at least it was consistent. If you had a zebra, all your posts showed the zebra all day. This time you reload the page and they change.

  • I wish it was easier to get an avatar. I mean, it would be nice to just be able to drag an avatar to one's Opera profile, but no. There's this Gravatar website. With an issue about not being able to delete one's registration.. And it looked complicated. And maybe the site wasn't safe? So I took the path of least resistance and did nothing on this yet.

  • Not too complicated - I managed to do it.

    Since a gravatar is supposed to be a universal avatar (on any site that uses gravatars) it wouldn't make sense to delete it. As in, are you really wanting to remove your avatar from every site? If you remove yourself from this site, they should remove your messages and unlink it to your gravatar so (if anyone can even see your page) all anyone sees is just a generic avatar (like the one you have now) ... but it isn't up to Opera to have Gravatar cancel your avatar since that would effect other sites you may be a member of.

  • @sgunhouse

    I finally registered at the site for gravatars. And it was a bit strange, seeing how the program is set up. Let's say you went to five different locations on the internet that use gravatars, that are different types of places. Every time I change my gravatar to enter site x or y, my picture changes in the Opera forum (let's call it site w) to the changed gravatar, even though I'm not in the forum at the time. There ought to be a way to have a gravatar selected per site. That seems like a flaw -- that there isn't. Also, once I registered, I got a message that if I didn't select a gravatar, the program would select one for me -- and presumably send it to every site that has my email address that uses gravatars. Damn. Well, maybe I wanted a day to think about the gravatar selection. Maybe I changed my mind, and didn't want anything. You can't unregister. If you don't select a gravatar, the program does it for you. The program insisted -- gave you no time to react. It was kind of bullying 🙂 Is this the new world we live in. It seemed crazy.

  • There ought to be a way to have a gravatar selected per site.

    There isn't and i don't think that will be one. It would be totally against the purpose of of allowing to use the sama avatar in many sites without have to set up each one of them. "One person, one avatar" would be the motto and not "One site, one avatar".