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Opera Mini 19 beta for Android

  • Yeah, that's why I edit my post.
    And for the second point the WebView is a dependency. It didn't comes with each of mini's updates. It's in the device.
    You can't compare the two for it.

    Check it again with high savings on wifi for example, in this forum or any other, including Opera's blog which uses Disqus, you always have to login again if you close the browser and load it again. O4A with data compression on works fine as expected.

    I've checked just now. force stop it, facebook not logged out.

    But writing this, once I post comment I've logged out? Maybe it just this forum?

    Does 'data savings on wi-fi' have any effects?

  • a) We have a known issue that in very rare cases, the network does not work until you restart the browser. This is by far the client issue.

    Actually that's not rare at all, you only have to load up some other app that is using a VPN like Opera Max or Surfeasy who change the IP (connect, disconnect etc.) and you get this behavior.

    Maybe it just this forum? Does 'data savings on wi-fi' have any effects?

    You are right it doesn't happen with some other forums I 've just tested right now, only with this and with disqus logging. (Wifi compression on)

  • where is the user agent option? i want the desktop vesion of a website and i keep getting the mobile version.

  • Please bring back the "find in page" button. It was substituted by the arrow button (redundant, IMHO).

  • Opera Mini beta 19.0.2254.106904 frequently crushed on my device. The built in adblocker has some problems. After I disable the adblcker & browse internet. Many website notify me that 'I've adblocker enabled' So, I check it again but it was disabled.
    Thumbs down. Booooooooo !!!!!

  • It seems Opera Mini beta got update today (just saw this via Opera Mini)
    But what the heck? Still I'm not getting any update via Google Play. Then I try some online downloader which can able to fetch & download play apps via web browser. Such as
    & it shows Opera Mini beta got an update today (24 august) but it still the previous version "Opera Mini beta 19.0.2254.106904"
    What's this ??????

  • Now we have pushed a new beta today. In this version, we focused on fixing bugs. If you have any problems, please let us know.

  • Like jackob11 said it's nowhere to be found in Google Play. What is the build number of the new version?

  • @xirit32 It's 19.0.2254.107171

  • Still I'm not getting any update from Google Play.
    For me, it's showing the previous version which was updated on 17 August
    Any direct link to download the new version ???

  • Just updated it from Play Store. Probably the rollout is still happening.

  • Just now as well, took a while. @miyukiwork Please fix bug ANMEXT-26271 regarding the vanishing of the navigation bar when selecting/copying text while in fullscreen mode with status bar (classic layout), a very annoying, browser breaking bug that is also in Mini Stable for quite some time.

  • @xirit32, thanks for reporting the issue. We'll look into ANMEXT-26271.

  • @xirit32, scrolling up gives you the bottom navigation bar again right?

  • @xirit32, scrolling up gives you the bottom navigation bar again right?

    No, as long as I select and copy a text the navigation bar never comes up again no matter what direction I scroll. Requirement for that is of course that the nav bar is not visible while selecting and copying (full screen enabled with status bar).

  • didn't realize the developer again took out the file renaming dialogue box popping up in a file saving session!why!are we back to the design of opera mini 7.6.4? it is a regression! if it is to expedite the saving process, an option could be added to the settings, much as the saving location option. LET USERS CHOOSE IT!

  • wish item:

    looking forward an option of "add to download (queue)". (not to download on the instant, but to batch download later.)

    Aug 27, 2016

  • wish item:

    please add "save target as"

    save image sometimes saving thumbnail only,
    save target gives the real images behind.

  • The site does not load vídeos.

  • the Vimeo at opera mini beta