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  • My name is to names for my first and two names for my surname. The unintuitive nature of the autofill gets my name wrong 100% of the time. My name is more along the line of "Bob Joe (First) Alfred Charlie (Surname)" but is forever being filled in as "Bob (first) Charlie (surname)".

  • And you are suggesting that....?

    BTW, does Opera have a field for name in 'autofill'? I don't see one here.

  • If you add an address, that address includes a field for "Name". They may be parsing that to get first name and surname - though one presumes they'd be incorrect on languages like Chinese where the surname is first. Not that the website probably cares anyway ...

    In this country, double first names are more common in the southern states, things like Billy Bob or Bobby Sue. Double last names are gaining popularity with married women where they keep their maiden name and add their husband's surname after it. Hence something like Bobby Sue Jones Roberts could occur.

    Question being, would it give a correct result if you hyphenated the name?

  • I've had the same problem ever since the first days of COBOL. I had hoped that programmers would learn to use a field for first name, middle initial (or name), and last name, rather than one big field for name. The parsing mechanism used early on was to scan to the first blank for the first name, and scan from the end of the field to the first (last) blank for the last name. This practice seemed to go away over time as programmers became more skilled and aware of their audiences. But I've seen it reappear in many Web sites as newer (less aware) programmers take on the job. So we're back to the standards of the 1960s, and programmers seem just as dumb as they were back then. Opera needs to be able to autofill based on the user's preference, for ALL fields that can be filled. Time for them to get up to the 21st century, and drop the poor programming practice of the 'scan for blank'.

    Remember, it's all about usability - for the humans, not the machines.

  • Well, given the global diversity, there might be more categories.

    I'd say personal name and family name would be "default".
    But still. Even with considering additional items like the middle name, father's name and mother's name, I don't know if it used to be spread, I know of the existance of "single names" - like "Miramar", some "Robert" or "Jones", I don't know, it's rare but exists.
    Well, not to forget a possible field for an alias. Can they be more than one?

    Names are so non-standardised 🙂