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Opera Sold

  • Does this mean that the Desktop and Mobile dev team will be separated from Opera too?

    Not necessarily. Most probably Opera will be split so that the areas included in the new offer will be part of a company and the others will be part of another.

    Does this mean Opera will stay as it is, and the dev team will now only do what the Chinese demands?

    Most probably it means that instead of those guys investing their money in Opera and getting dividends for that, there will be some Chinese companies.

    I am glad the takeover failed, and I hope the new one will fail too

    It may mean less money for Opera and, in consequence, it may affect Opera's development.

    I don't want to experience the day when the Chinese decide that Opera for Desktop and/or Phones isn't profitable enough to keep pumping time and money on it.

    Well, the current owners can do it too.

  • Pretty much everything we have a forum for except Opera TV, according to the story I read earlier. Not the advertising business, but we don't have a forum for that.

    Sounds like you start turning Chinese 😎

  • I'm hoping the new owners don't turn into UC and Maxathon and try to data mine you. Otherwise straight to Firefox I go.

  • Otherwise straight to Firefox I go.

    Or Slimjet.

  • From, ... Norway’s Opera Software is selling parts of its business to a Chinese consortium for $600 million after a full takeover did not get regulatory approval in time. Yet investors are still in the dark about why the deal did not proceed. The proposed partial sale is little consolation.

    To be honest, for me personally, if Opera has ANY association with China, then I will drop it like a hot potato.

    What was Opera thinking?

  • What was Opera thinking?

    This is how business works.

  • ...
    To be honest, for me personally, if Opera has ANY association with China, then I will drop it like a hot potato.
    What was Opera thinking?

    It's not what Opera was thinking, it's what the majority of stockholders (the real owners) were thinking. Whenever one sells something, their focus is on receiving maximum financial return for the thing being sold. Everything else, in the real world, is secondary. Who buys it and for what purpose are at best secondary considerations. The seller's focus is on his selling value, and what becomes of the sold 'thing' becomes the buyer's problem. Sometimes moral or compassionate factors enter in and elevate secondary factors to primary significance, but that's frankly a rare occurrence. If you can cobble together more money than the Chinese consortium has offered, Opera's board (acting in its stockholders' interests) would most likely sell either the whole operation or the latest pieces to you.

  • Opera Sold. I think it's good. In both PC & Smartphone's market Opera's share is too low. In PC Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox are the giant & in smartphone UC Browser overcame & beat Opera although it's born after so many days of Opera. And UC is a Chinese browser which is the 2nd most popular browser after chrome. I think Opera needs to change game plan that's why they sold the whole browser sector to Chinese. By the way, I don't trust on Chinese law. Some of their law's are silly & bullshit.

  • Good to know: searching on for AS6461 (SkyFire, see ) I found Zayo Bandwidth Inc instead. Very serendipitous...

  • Opera will keep Skyfire and Surfeasy:

  • Yeah, my bad.

  • The transaction has been approved and it's near closing.

  • Thanks for the info link, @leocg.

  • The transaction has been approved and it's near closing.

    Which means what?
    Are they selling everything but or just some? "Consumer business"?

  • The answer probably rests within this quote from July 2016 ( :

    The Norwegian company will sell businesses including browsers for mobile devices
    and desktops, technology licensing and a stake in a Chinese venture to the same
    group that attempted the full takeover... The partial sale means the buyer group
    gets the assets that Opera is best known for - browsers that help mobile-phone,
    tablet and computer users surf the web faster by using less data.

    The 'partial sale' is the one referenced in @leocg 's link several posts above ( and is the current sale version:

    On 15 August 2016, Opera and the Consortium signed an amendment to the Agreement
    whereby it has been agreed that Opera will retain the Skyfire and SurfEasy
    businesses in exchange for a reduction of the previously agreed enterprise value...:

  • Opera will retain the Skyfire and SurfEasy

    What are those two?

  • What are those two?

    SurfEasy is the company behind Opera's VPN.

    Skyfire is responsible for the technology behind video compression in Opera Mini, Opera for Android, etc.

  • And the sale is completed:

    Once again, @leocg, thanks for the link and the info.

  • Do you have a back up of Opera folder system & profile?

    So, maybe it's time to do it...

    I don't think Chinese people will do rubbish with Opera but after read some comments would be a good point to take advantage and make a full backup.

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