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Going back to previous page without reloading

  • In old opera (Presto), you can go back without page reloading, can you do that in new Opera. How do you make it do that?

    Also did Opera ever open-source the presto engine?

  • Afaik this is not possible.

    Also did Opera ever open-source the presto engine?

    Nope. And i don't think they will in a near future.

  • Good old historynavigationmode=3. I continue to be disappointed that no other browser can do this. I haven't even found a Firefox extension that does it.

  • This is one of my biggest gripes about new Opera either. I can understand that such behavior would kill many scripting gimmicks (and new ads display), but for some sites speed penalty [of previous page reloading] is really distracting - and for some script-loaden pages you even can't see previous page in previous form anymore.

    Unfortunately such functionality depends on rendering engine (I think) and Google/Chrome seems not being interested in increasing plain browsing speed. And - who presses back button anyway? 😞

  • "who presses back button anyway?".

    I do. All the time. Actually the Z key. Force of habit.

    Plus it's good exercise!

  • I think he was being sarcastic. I use the side mouse buttons to go back (and forth) a whole lot, and despite old Opera being slow in many other rendering areas these days, it's way faster in this one.

  • Maybe that's what he meant - who uses toolbar buttons anyway when you have gestures, keyboard shortcuts, navigation buttons on your mouse (or whatever you use as a pointing device), etc.?

    Though as we all recall, Presto's fast back feature had major problems in Gmail and other web apps. That is why they created the History Navigation Mode setting.