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My Operating System Was Reinstalled From Vista To Windows - Opera Didn't Save Dialer Info

  • So I was shocked Opera didn't install all of my settings for the Dialer when I had to install a new operating system from Windows Vista Home 7 to Windows 7 (2009) I signed into my Opera account after the download onto the new OS and it only offered me synchronization of the current system with other devices. It didn't update my settings for the dialer nor the browsing data. Very disappointed it's more concerned with synching across all devices rather than the basics of simply saving my Dialer settings and various browser installations of animated backgrounds I recently put a lot of my time into. It's so disappointing Opera didn't reinstall and I basically have to start all over again for a browser I've used the past year. What is the problem doing some basic saving of these features under my Opera account?

  • Please see: https://forums.opera.com/topic/11680/sync-frequently-asked-questions/1

    Btw, you installed the same Opera version in the new OS?

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