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Synchronization Not Working Android Tablet - Opera 31/174

  • My Android pera started misbehaving; not shutting down etc. SO I uninstalled it and started over. Reinstalled the newest Android on my tablet (which is what I had before, it had ALL my laptop bookmarks etc.

    Initiated synchronization on both; the tablet sees a couple Speed Dial entries and passes over the others. None of the bookmarks from the laptop move over at all, when I tap "Bookmarks" on the tablet, Opera freezes.

    Can anyone help here?? Its frustrating to go from a fully functional Opera on the tablet to one that simply does not synchronize, which makes it useless for me.

  • Ok, I figured out one mistake I amde, the KFAWSI entries in "Other Speedials" were old ones, I deleted them and now I DO have the right Speed Dial entries, but now I am waiting for my bookmarks to synchronize, will post if they make it over.

  • It took a while on my recent new tablet - I thought it should have been quicker.

  • Now I have waited over 45 minutes with both browsers working, I have no speed dial synchron, and no book marks.

  • In my case, it actually seemed to wait until I had restarted the browser - nothing happened until the next day.

  • I think, I think...that the problem MAY be with my tablet, I have an Amazon Fire HD 7, and there was a system update today from Amazon. Although the tablet IS an Android device, it is picky which apps will run. The funny part is simply that prior to today Opera was working perfectly on the tablet, so I am just guessing that Opera will no longer work on my tablet...a REAL bummner because I had ALL my bookmarks working perfectly this morning.


  • Now I zee that it shows mt "tabs on other devices correctly, but I have to bookmarks, nor speed dial entries.

    Anyone else have any ideas, I am kind of desperate.

  • I don't think the problem is with my tablet. I have found that if I go to a webpage and press the + to the left of the address a horizontal window opens and asked me where I want to put the bookmark. Listed there are all my folders that appears on my bookmarks bar from my opera on my laptop. So Opera has a list of all my bookmarks but I don't know how to get at them. I used to be able to tap on the bookmark icon on the speed dial page and all my bookmarks would drop down. Now when I tap the bookmark icon nothing happens.

    Can anyone help me please how I do I get those bookmarks onto my speed dial page

  • In addition, if I reinstall the newest Opera on my tablet, all of my bookmarks on my laptop O32 are rearranged, in spite of the fact that the tablet had NO bookmarks when I signed in to synchronize it.

    Something is askew with the process, and it really messes both my tablet and my laptop's bookmarks

  • Ok, I tried something different, I cleared out all my synced data from the Opera servers::

    Thinking that the server was the reason my bookmarks got rearranged on my laptop.

    Then I uninstalled Opera on my tablet, reinstalled it to start fresh. Synced both Operas on my laptop and my tablet.

    This time none of my laptop's bookmarks got jumbled up, and I think many people hwere who have had that problem, rearranging, duplicate/triplicate entries did not do that, and the problem resided with the server having different orders etc.

    Back to my problem, now on my tablet, if I tap the "Bookmark" icon on it, Opera simply either freezes or does nothing. The first time I installed Opera tablet, all went perfect, all my BMs were available, my bookmark bar was there when I tapped the bookmark speed dial etc.

    Now, I am stuck with an Opera that has no bookmarks, except if I go to a web page manually and try to bookmarks it, Opera asks me where I want to place it and shows ALL my bookmarks folders as possibilities, but I cannot access them.

    help again.

  • I continue to have this problem; no I went to the NPR web page on my tablet, pressed the + sign on the left of the address and told it to save this bookmark on my Bookmark bar (which is listed as a possible place). The NPR site appeared immediately on my BookMark Bar on my laptop, however I still cannot access ANY bookmarks on my tablet.

    I have managed to sync my Speed Dial icons on to my tablet, I found the proper KFASWI folder to sync to (after removing all the other KFASWI folders and this removed all devices that had that Speed Dial folder on it). So now my tablet's Speed Dial is synced to my laptop, the open tabs sync perfectly, but still no appearance of any bookmarks, again tapping the Bookmark Speed Dial icon, freezes Opera which then closes down after 20 seconds or so.

    Looking for direction

  • hi i have a question.

    can i synchronize data connection from mobile to laptop? im using opera data service from one of the mobile service provider here n d phils. i downloaded this app at my mobile and laptop. enabled tether data connection to pc but it seems dat it doesnt work. is it doable? thanks!