Help with an annoying glitch.

  • Periodically my copy of opera will glitch out, and I will no longer be able to click on the opera menu, my tabs, the address bar, or the buttons adjacent to it. I can still click on everything else, and they still respond to keyboard input though, but using the menu or switching tabs via keyboard is a pain.

    this is the only program on my computer that does this.
    I'm on an HP laptop running windows 7.

    Closing and reopening the browser didn't help.
    Rebooting didn't help.
    Downloading the newest version of opera didn't help.

    Help? Please?

  • If you can give us a clue as to "periodically", we might be able to help.

  • It occurs at seemingly random intervals, months apart, with no consistent pattern as far as i can tell, then goes away on it's own after several hours.

    working again now btw.

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