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  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera


    doesn't make a difference.

    Build: 30.0.1835.157

  • In Opera beta 31 there is a flag related to this: browser://flags/#site-tiles. I couldn't find it on Opera Stable 30.

  • Isn't Opera 30.0.1835.125 the latest Stable version?

  • Isn't Opera 30.0.1835.125 the latest Stable version?


  • And yet hes using 30.0.1835.157?

  • @herrevo he really meant a screenshot showing "Recommended" in the address bar - does it show with Speed dial in the background, or do you see an error message - or perhaps search results? Could come from your startup settings, or an extension, or something in the shortcut used to start it. But yes, 1835.125 is the latest table version - so we may need to know where you got this .157 build ...

  • I used the main Page download "Opera_NI_stable.exe" to install. It show's even in the speed dial. No error message.

  • Herrevo, check your downloads history and show the source of your download, would you?

  • Any extensions? Seen an extension do something like that before ...

    Is the actual text gray and can't be selected? Could be an error in the translation. In English the message in the address bar is "Enter search or web address" - if it is a bad translation then it'll also show in a new tab, but only on the speed dial page.

  • It doesn't matter if I reinstall everything including extensions, use it without extensions or switch languages.

    But it seems strange to me, that the installer always offers to upgrade my opera installation, as If he would not get that the current installed version is already the highest.

    If you want me to do some deep debugging suggest something to start with.

    Size: 671 KB (687.600 Bytes)
  • I never saw something like that...
    can you post a screenshot of that?

    actually, I did see it before... just didn't realized you were talking about that
    In latest dev that flag is removed (i can't find it)
    and I don't believe that flag reached stable build, plus I also have 30.0.1835.125 as latest

  • I'm running Opera 30.0.1835.110 and have the same 'problem' here.
    I asked on twitter some weeks ago, but @opera didn't even understood what the problem is.
    Is there any way to get rid of that "Recommended" field? It is really annoying.

  • Probably more A/B testing guys...

  • If it's a test, well, there is the result: It sucks! Please remove it!
    If there's no way to remove this sh*t, I'm going to switch to another browser. 😞

  • Still no news? Isn't there any support? Is this the way you deal with your customers?
    This is disappointing. 😞

  • Yeah, its almost like you are paying zero money for this support and its just a bunch of random people on the internet doing it out of the kindness of their hearts...

  • This is a user forum. ( @lando242 is being sarcastic.)

    I'd still say it has to be an extension - I see at least 3 in your screenshot.

  • @codereaders
    this is a behind a flag, disable it by going to:

    ...but this is disabled by default

  • @lando242: Oh yes, it is very egoistic reporting bugs/ difficulties. Not that Opera could use those information to improve their products. That's very egoistic, isn't it?

    @vux777, @sgunhouse:
    Neither opera://flags/#site-tiles (it is disabled, still by default) nor disabling plugins solved the problem.
    But I think I found a solution:

    The entries in the 'Recommended' bar (@herrevo's screenshot), really seem to come from Speed Dial. But at least for me they didn't appear on the Speed Dial page (blank new tab). Maybe it was some kind of a bug? How ever I found a work around:

    • I linked Opera on Android with the one running on my pc using synchronization.
    • I opened a new blank tab in Opera on Android, that made Speed Dial (for me it's called 'Schnellwahl') appear.
    • There's a little monitor icon (left arrow, right arrow, monitor icon, tabs, Opera icon) on the pages bottom. Clicking this little icon shows up all devices connected to the Opera account. For me: my phone and my pc
    • From there I was able to see and to remove all the preinstalled crap (such as facebook, ebay, free vpn, etc).

    It seems that since then the 'Recommended' bar doesn't appear anymore.

    Besides the usage of several different terms for one and the same thing is very misleading.


    Speed Dial

    The bar itself is called Recommended. (screenshot made by @herrevo)
    Either less translation or one consistent translation would have made it easier to identify and solve the problem.

    Thanks to everyone that tried helping. 🙂

  • Hi there!

    I updated my Opera Developer yesterday to ver.34.0.2011.0 and now there is this ugly "Recommended" thing every time I just click in the adress bar.

    How can we get rid of this, please???

    Thanks in advance!

    Just found the post of l33t4opera (

    Address bar recommendations:
    This feature is now enabled by default. To enable or disable the feature, please go to Settings and in the “User interface” section, modify the “Show extra suggestions” check-box setting.

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