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Is there a way to set links to open in a new tab/window?

  • When I manually select a link (by clicking and dragging) and then right-click to open it the link opens in the same tab, which gets rid of the original site - which I need to keep open for my work. There is no option for doing anything else in the context menu so right now all I can do is copy the link, manually open a new tab, and then paste the link into the box at the top, and that takes time.

    I'm new to Opera, trying to transition from Firefox, which has this in its settings menu, but I don't see it in Opera's settings. Am I just missing it, or is it available another way, or is it maybe not possible? I've checked Help and tried a search here but couldn't find anything about this (although maybe I'm missing it here too).

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Try middle clicking on the link or ctrl + click.

  • I'm not getting something here ... why are you manually selecting the link?

    Did you try holding Ctrl while selecting from the menu?

  • @sgunhouse Sadly the Ctrl modifier does not work within the right click menu.

    @leocg This also does not work from the right click menu.

    @mca18974 Currently there is no way I know of to do this.

  • @mca18974

    I love the Chrome extension, which you can use in Opera, Right Click Opens Link in new tab.

    If you want your context menu, then hold the right click longer. This extension is one of the reasons I prefer Opera to Firefox. It's so nice. I couldn't find it in Firefox. It makes using the browser a pleasure.

    Yes , it pays to know keyboard shortcuts -- middle click, ctrl left click, etc. But this extension makes it sooooo NICE. Happy browsing!

  • Do you mean non-anchored links - like this:

    Well, then technically, they are not links - they are [plain-text] URLs.

  • This also does not work from the right click menu.

    I was thinking that the op wanted to open links in a new tab.

    I didn't think about right click menu.

  • With the extension, Right Click Opens Link in new tab, you right click on the link, and instantly get the link in a new foreground tab. However, if for some reason you want to use the context menu with the link -- maybe you want to copy the link address or do something else with it, then you can by holding longer the right click action, get the context menu to come up. (the extension doesn't destroy the ability to get the context menu if you need it). However, no need for the item in the context menu, which provides for opening the link in a new tab, because the extension does that, just by "quick" right clicking on the link. Middle clicking gets you the link in a background tab. So the universe is covered. 🙂