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Is Speed Dial Configurable??

  • I would rather have Speed Dial displayed as a list, and use it for what used to be the Tab Vault in old O12.17. Can Speed Dial be shown as a list??

    Is there a way to have the Speed Dial entries listed from a Folder on the Bookmark bar so that I can click on it and have a drop down box open so I can click on whatever Speed Dial entries I have there?


  • I don't think so. Opera has given us very little control over speed dial and even less in the latest upgrade. That's why I reverted back to version 28 and disabled auto update. Maybe one day Opera will remember it's users and give us something that we want rather than what they think we should have.

  • Why not just create the folder for the bookmarks bar you want, and then set Opera so it doesn't open on the speed dial, but rather with a site, or group of sites. Then you can get an extension for new tabs that doesn't let a new tab (cntrl t) open on the speed dial, but something you set -- something you can do in the Custom New Tab page.

    You'd essentially get rid of the speed dial, and your list would be in the Folder you created on the bookmarks bar.

  • I wish they'd bring back the config ability of Speed dial. Even something as simple as the reloading of thumbnails would be nice.

  • Rome wasn't built in a day. They have been steadily making improvements to these things for months now.

  • Rome wasn't built in a day. They have been steadily making improvements to these things for months now.

    and if Opera had their way it still wouldn't have been built in a 1000 days either

  • If it is still in production wouldn't it be more practical if they would release the changes when it's complete, rather in it's uncompleted form in the current update?

  • Simple: income. If there is no release they are earning no money, yet still incurring expenses. At the end of the day Opera is still a business.

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