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Malicious Activity Detected on a Site

  • Hello all,
    There is a fan made Mega Man website that I've been visiting for years ( Very recently, any time I use Opera to go into the Forum section, I get a warning saying that there is malicious activity. I tried using Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, and I ran into no issue. It is just happening with Opera, and this hasn't happened before. There is a topic where we are trying to address the problem, but we can't figure out what the cause is. I came here in case there is some bug in Opera. X9 isn't a malicious site, so I don't why the browser thinks it is. I uninstalled it and installed it again for in case something had to be refreshed, but it didn't work.

  • What's your [version of] Opera?
    What kind of warning is it? A pop-up?

  • I am using version 28, and it is no pop-up. I am redirected to a page that looks like this.

  • Getting the same thing when I use Bing as a search engine. It's been working fine for a couple of weeks and now, any search using bing gets a red field with the words "Malicious Site Warning". I can Go Back Safely, or Ignore the warning. Choosing the latter lets me see the search results. I've tried this using Goggle and Yahoo, no warning (same sites). Opera 28. Going to try other browsers, maybe it's Bing, but I'm doubting it. Any feedback?

  • Tried Google browser, Bing search engine, no problem.

  • Any feedback?

    Contact AVG and inform them that this is a false positive.

  • For the OP, it's Yandex. Not knowing if @randycoyote is seeing the screen in the picture - if he is, then click the far right link and see what it says.

  • @randycoyote,
    I run into the problem regardless if I use Google, Bing, type the name of the site, or click my bookmark. It only happens when you use Bing, eh?

    Do you mean the antivirus website?

    Yes I'll do that. I'm using another computer at the moment, but I'll do that when I get home today and let you know what it says.

  • Do you mean the antivirus website?

    Yep, but i was answering the other person, the one having trouble with Bing.
    The Megaman site opens fine for me so I thought the issue had already gone.

    Check in "why this page was blocked " who blacklisted the page and contact them.

  • I understand now. I checked to see why the page was reported and it's just like what sgunhouse said. It was reported by Yandex. I'll have to check with them with the issue.